Is The Third Black Ops Map Pack Coming At The End Of June?

Is The Third Black Ops Map Pack Coming At The End Of June?

A tipster sends along that picture of that GameStop poster, advertising Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ third map pack, titled “Annihilation.” June 28 appears to be the release date.

The maps are Hangar, Hazard, Silo, Drive-In and another Zombie map. We’ve been hearing that GameStop is taking preorders for the pack. I called mine here in Springfield, Ore., played dumb and asked if they were taking deposits for Annihilation, but I think they recognised my voice. Or they in fact aren’t.

We’ve asked an Activision rep for comment.


  • It’s like they are already in subscription mode now…

    Release Annual COD game ~$100
    Release map pack #1 ~$20
    Release map pack #2 ~$20
    Release map pack #3 ~$20
    Release Annual COD game ~$100

    Perhaps it’s just the fact they are $20 for just a map pack is the offensive part.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me, Activision are more money hungry then ever since the announcement of BF3 and if CoD fans are silly enough to buy everything that has CoD in front of it they will end up with millions.

  • what happened to the sdk thing i read somewhere for black ops? or was i tripping and theres actually no map making thing being released for it

  • The second biggest issue is that compared to (most of) the maps in MW1; the map packs for BLOPS are absolute rubbish – just terribly designed.

  • Hmmmmm.

    Call of Duty where I pay $20 for 3 badly designed maps..

    Or Battlefield where I get free map packs every couple of weeks after release and then pay $10 for expansions like Bad Company 2: Vietnam which have completely new weapons, atmosphere, vehicles and very good level design..

    Hard choice isn’t it

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