It's Time To Update Your 3DS

Nintendo's 3DS system update is now live, ready to deliver the eShop and other goodies that should have come with your eye-twisting handheld in the first place. Enjoy!


    Finally! Thanks for the update Kotaku!

    Thanks for the heads up Kotaku, keep the fantastic E3 news coming!


    Take it back. The store is down for maintenance.

    Stupid Nintendo...

    "E-Shop is down for maintenance."

    Seems like a really really really stupid move from Nintendo. Why hype this up when it's not even out!

    hahahaha an error has occurred when I try to go to the shop.

    The web browser is horrible to use too.

    "An Error has occurred.
    Unable to update.

    The system will
    now be restarted."

    Anyone else getting this? I deleted my internet settings and reconnected it, also restarted my router. Sigh...

    I got in, only to be booted right back out again.

    Lawl, loving the error messages every time I log onto the shop ^_^ Go Nintendo :D

    Haven't updated mine yet, it's in my pocket but I don't have my charger..... have to wait till I get home. Wouldn't want to brick it.

    I'm wondering if eStore was up, but buttloads of 3DS owners hitting it might have caused an upset, ala PS Store going back up?

    Don't tell me the browser is horrible, I was looking forward to it!


    I'm so sick of the word "maintenance"....

    I got as far as clicking on the Excitebike icon. Once. Out of maybe 30 tries. Then error message. WTF?

    Managed to download Excitebike but had to go back to work before I could give it a thrash :(

    I managed to get in and download ExciteBike before it went down for maintenance again

    after trying the e-shop it said down for maintenance. however after rebooting the 3DS it's working.
    just downloaded excite bike

    Think I might just wait until this arvo to update :)

    I was looking for the update last night. I couldn't believe the way it forces you to read the warning, then enter the PIN, then agree to the terms and conditions, and THEN it checks... only to find that there's nothing available to update. I hope this process gets patched soon!

    Worked absolutely fine for me! Maybe it was just server load from all us rabid 3DS Owners! Either way, Excitebike 3D is great!

    Just updated. Didn't get any errors though. Maybe I got lucky? :P

    Anyway, I downloaded ExciteBike, the Pokedex and Mario. Super Mario Land is such a nostalgia hit, I haven't played this game in years (My parents 'encouraged' me to sell my Gameboy/Games to a neighbour kid for $15. Seemed like a good deal at the time...)

    The Australian store sucks. Still can't get Shantae -.- OR Cave Story ffs.

    I like to imagine that the Nintendo AusE-store hampster is a bit unfit and just gets a bit tired running on his little hampster wheel trying to keep those downloads coming. That, and his other job is to cyber-fight off all those pesky hackerZ.
    His name is Charlie.

    Goddamn. $12 for Plants vs Zombies? That's more than the Steam, iPad and iPhone versions.

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