Jamie Kennedy Still Sensitive About Trainwreck Of E3 2007 Hosting Gig

Jamie Kennedy Still Sensitive About Trainwreck Of E3 2007 Hosting Gig

Jamie Kennedy, star of Son of the Mask, Malibu’s Most Wanted and Wii game Real Heroes: Firefighter doesn’t always deliver brilliantly inspired performances. See his E3 2007 Activision press conference hosting gig, for example, which he’s still really really sensitive about, according to a recent Twitter tirade.

Kennedy, responding to a Twitter exchange between former PC Gamer editor Gary Whitta (now an honest-to-goodness Hollywood movie screenwriter) and Wedbush Securities soothsayer/host of “Pach Attack” Michael Pachter, appears to have not gotten over that disastrous gig. Or at least the critical reception to it.

Mr. Pachter put forth on Twitter that Ubisoft’s “Mr Caffeine was the worst presenter I’ve seen at E3, if not the embarrassment of the new millennium” to which Whitta offered “Worse than the Jamie Kennedy/Activision trainwreck?”

That would be this one, if you have forgotten or chosen to forget it:

Jamie would seemingly not appreciate being reminded that his phoned in, barely comprehensible emceeing gig, in which he was heckled by the crowd and out-joked by at least one video game developer, was actually a trainwreck. To wit: “wow u dorks can’t let that go, You have no idea what really happened, because ur not in the biz, ur a spectator” Kennedy responded.

Somewhat surprisingly, Kennedy continued to be a dick about being terrible at E3. Responding to Game Informer EIC Andy McNamara’s proposal that Kennedy, Whitta and Pachter sit down to hash things out, the comedian-like performer responded: “would love too, I can After this movie wraps, those guys can do I guess after jerkin off to Zelda.” Touche!

Other choice Kennedy tweets born of Whitta’s accusation that Kennedy is kind of an awful human include:

  • On Whitta: “ye he’s huge dint he write transformers, no nothing never heard of him and neither did Bobby kotick”
  • To Kotaku commenter LaurenIsSoMosh: “no picture for ur twitter u must be a lardass”
  • To writer Cricket Lee, on the value of Messrs. Pachter and Whitta’s clout: “aww wittle feeling hurt. Bitch ur served, go get my dry cleaning, strippers make more then you and r hotter. Xo jamies mom”
  • To some person he threatened to kill: “, I’ll kill you”

Takeaway? That we should not remind Jamie Kennedy of his meeting the minimum contractual requirements of hosting an E3 press conference, lest he hurl sometimes comprehensible tweeted insults at us.

Folks, I don’t know about you, but I’m lobbying for Mr Kennedy’s return at E3 2012. Sign my petition?


  • Holy CRAP that was TRAGIC. I’ve never actually felt bad for the audience like that. I actually applauded when that developer owned him with the Ozzy Osbourne comeback line! lol!!! Jamie Kennedy… really, you are just a terrible human being…

  • God that was TERRIBLE…I can’t help but think hes either high or drunk…Surely someone can’t be that bad?

  • That was embarressing to watch. He’s on a path to no where I see. What’s with all the hostility from him. All I felt was he wanted to get the money and get out of there, in a field where he doesn’t really belong.
    He will never live this down…

  • Because slamming your audience for being giant geeks is a sure-fire way to get them on-side.

    For his next performance, Mister Kennedy will travel to Iran and tell Muslim jokes.

  • Something about the words “star” and “son of the mask” in the same breath feels wrong.

  • I never thought he was funny until the e3 show. He seems to say what actual celebrities think of themselves and others but have the decency not to share. Rich people do think they are better than poor people, celebrities do think they are better than normal people, and both think they deserve to be treated like royalty because they pay more for their cars and clothes than others. And anyone who doesn’t like video games is at least a little certain that all fans of video games all like star trek and are fat virgins who live with their mothers. Most people are just as shallow and self centered as jamie kennedy, they’re just smart enough to hide it better.

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