Kinect Fun Labs Does Dark And Terrible Things To My Cat

I should never have used my cat, Rande, as a test subject in Kinect Fun Labs' Build-A-Buddy. I had a buddy already. Now all I have is the horror. Oh god the horror.

It seemed like the next logical step in testing Build-A-Buddy after bringing life to a purple sex toy. It worked well enough on that, surely my cat would suffer no ill effects.

I tried for what seems forever to scan the back of my fuzzy little friend to no avail. Eventually I gave up, but Build-A-Buddy did not. It never gives up.

What have I done?


    Hahahaha, The perfect thing to relieve nerves before an exam. God I'm tearing up.

    Lol oh wow, watch out, you might get done for animal cruelty with that bahaha

    If I see that abomination in a dream/horrific nightmare tonight, I know who to blame.

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