Kinect Gets Exclusive Cheerleader Game

Never mind that cheerleading is dangerous and lots of young women get injured, somebody's making a cheerleading game for Kinect.

Let's Cheer! teaches players cheers and routines, as well as popular dance hits and licensed cheerleading songs.

"Let's Cheer! on Kinect for Xbox 360 brings the spectacular sport of cheerleading into the interactive world like never before," said Steve Lux, vice president of business development for 2K Play in an official statement. "The unique combination of controller-free movement and voice recognition results in a game experience that not only rewards athleticism and spirit, but provides feedback that can help improve

real-world cheer skills."

The game unlocks new routines after players earn enough "spirt stars". The game has basic motions like High V, Broken T, and Right Punch as well as more advanced ones like the Blade Cap. Players can even test their flexibility with jumps such as the Herkie.

I knew a guy named Herkie once. Nice guy.

Let's Cheer will be out later this year.

(Top photo: Doug Pensinger | Getty)


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