Kinect Is Better Than It Was A Year Ago

At E3 in 2009 (and 2010), Microsoft's Kinect camera was promising, but also glitchy. At E3 2011, it looked more responsive. And there's a reason for that.

Xbox senior product manager David Dennis has said in an interview with Eurogamer "I think like we showed at E3, like Kudo showed with Kinect Fun Labs – a lot of that tech is the advancements we've made in the accuracy, the tracking... being able to show finger tracking in the sparkles demo he did."

"You saw too with Ubisoft's gunsmith demo [for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier]he was using his hand to fire in the firing range mode. I think that's the kind of thing we're going to continue to iterate on."

While Dennis didn't go into the technical specifics of just how those improvements came about, he did say that, just as Kinect has been improved once via updates, it can be tinkered with again and again in the future.

Kinect more accurate now than at launch [Eurogamer]


    Finger tracking... I can't see the porn industry jumping on THIS bandwagon at all...

      Meh, if they didn't do anything with the Move then I can't see them bothering with finger tracking either :P

        Funny you mention that, first time I saw a Move I thought it looked like a seckstoy, the Magic Wand or something I think it's called. Probably don't google that at work.

        The first time I ever saw a Move IRL was at my mates house. He was using it to clean his EyePet, making "jerking" movements *winkwink* and cleaned it with soap, all the while, moaning!

      ha ha. It's also just like when you were a kif and use shadow puppets to pick someone's nose at the movies - now we get to do it and pick a winner.


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