L.A. Noire Coming To PC This Spring

L.A. Noire Coming To PC This Spring

Rockstar Games has just announced that L.A. Noire will be releasing on PC, most likely this spring.

“L.A. Noire is a new type of game that makes players see through a detective’s eyes in 1940s Los Angeles,” said Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games. “Its unique blend of story, action and crime solving will be perfect to play on PC.”

Usually Rockstar release PC versions of its key franchises sometime after the console release – but considering the fact that the stellar Red Dead Redemption didn’t receive a port, we wondered if PC gamers would get the chance to play on their platform of choice.

We’ll update as soon as we have an official release date.


      • Now, now… we’ve seen some pretty decent ports in recent years, as well as many that are merely ‘crappy’ without being exceptionally so. I think what you meant to say was “like most Rockstar ports it will be exceptionally crappy”… since they managed to claim the exceptionally crappy port award with GTAIV, a fair effort in the wake of Saints Row 2’s sheer level of port-crappy-ness!

        • Dont forget about the FIFA games recently on PC some of the worst ports I have seen. Looks like this year could be a bit better, but yea, some of the worst ports ever!

  • Like, by this spring, do you mean, our spring?? My brain is not wired for this north/south hemisphere stuffs. Any idea on a month? I can process that easier.

    And, I hope its a better than a rush port job gta4 suffered from. Would be nice if they did RDR at the same time. *crosses fingers*

  • It was only a matter of time, this is a good game that will work well on PC. RDR will not come out on PC now that this is announced, that ship has sailed. It’s a shame but at least Rockstar is not completly ignoring the PC community. This game will work at its best on PC as well, as long as you have a good enough rig.

  • I prefer to watch movies on my TV…

    *winces in anticipation of flying excrement*

    Actually, I liked the game.

  • I got the Rockstar pass this week and had the PS3 copy being mailed to me shortly. Should have waited! Ah well PS3 order cancelled. I’ll hold out for the ‘master race’ version.

  • This is great news! Now in keeping with the reputation of the gaming community of being whiney-ass little bitches who are NEVER completely happy, where’s our Red Dead Redemption? I wanna kill me some varmints and desperados and ride into the sunset, and I’ll be switched if I’ll lay out so much as a Continental for one of them dagburned Playstations. Tools of the devil they are…

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