Lara Croft's Journey Began Here, As A Broken Mess

If you've ever wondered what set Lara Croft off on the journey from a mild-mannered young British lady into a hardened killer, here's your answer. She fell off a boat.

This brand new trailer, for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, is certainly slick. Definitely fresh for the franchise as well. Just what Tomb Raider needed!


    Oh my this trailer is so epic!!!

    note theres a nice pirate ship crashed there as well

    Uncharted Raider!

    This looks awesome

    how HOT is she.

    Is this Blur studios too... I'd be amazed if this was rendered by the engine.

    (I love E3...)

    More gold, I've not been interested in a Tomb Raider game in... well many years. This looks to be a great origin game, plus I am glad to see Crystal Dynamics are involved still.

    Played through Underworld thinking Lara herself was the most out of date part of it all, still being so cartoony in a pretty good looking environment. This looks like a step in the right direction!

    That... looks... amazing

    You know.. i may actually have to pre-order this... :|

    It seriously looks stunning and like it could be everything that a game should be..

    Plus i can honestly say i have never seen Lara look so beautiful, yet so natural.

    POLL: How good does this trailer look?

    Just wow... I never imagined I'd be interested in another Laura Croft game since the second one. But this looks incredible. Go Square-Enix!

    the start of this had me thinking about that batman quote.. something like "it's not who I am, but what I do, that defines me" said with the appropriate gravely voice

    imagine showing this to some poor kid back in 1996

    I didn't get into Tomb Raider form the beginning. My uncle had Tomb Raider, didn't really play it (the random bear scared the crap out of me as an 8yr old). My brother got TR2 for his birthday, I never got through the first level & gave up. After that, nothing.

    It might have been a demo of Tomb Raider Legend that really got me into TR. Bought it, finished it, loved it.

    I bought Anniversary the day before release (GG BigW), finished it (taking into consideration that I never played TR1), loved it.

    I think I pre ordered Underworld, can't remember. Finished it, loved it.

    IMO, I'm hoping this new TR game is good. The release date however, is a fair way away (Fall 2012 = Sept 2012).

    The setting of a ship graveyard is really intriguing. Hinting that something may be amiss in that place.

    Wow, talk about retconning the entire Lara Croft character. Epic trailer. Will be interesting to see what the actual engine looks like though.

    How far away are we from the Uncharted/Tomb Raider crossover?

    If this were comic books, it would have happened by now (she crossovered with Witchblade and The Darkness already)

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