Last Chance To Grab Tickets For Gametech

Last Chance To Grab Tickets For Gametech

Gametech, an industry event focusing on the business of video games and interactive entertainment, takes place this weekend – and today is your last chance to get tickets!

The tickets are incredibly pricey, a two day pass costs $1100, so unless you’re writing it off as a business expense it’s most likely outside the price range of mere mortals, but it does feature perhaps the best line-up of Australian games industry folk imaginable.

Michael Ephraim Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment here in Australia is speaking, as is his Microsoft equivalent David McLean. Brendan O’Connor and Ron Curry will be making presentations, as will the MD of GAME Paul Yardley and MD of Ubisoft Australia Ed Fong.

A stellar list. And there are plenty more.

Anyone got $1100 they can lend me?



  • @Brontothunder: This is not the same thing as PAX. This is primarily for developers and as I understand it there’s going to be little, if anything, on the floor in terms of playable games.

    @Mark: I’m going to Gametech (I won a 2-day pass via the pong game)! I’ll be happy to provide a little coverage for Kotaku if you like. 🙂

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