Lets Go Hands-On And Take A Closer Look At The Wii U

Here are a bunch more photos of Nintendo's new platform taken from every angle. If you're more interested in the tech specs, you should check those out here.


    Not very comfortable looking... and analogue nubs on a full size controller? Madness.

    So much hardware. Looks impressive....but how much are we going to have to pay for this?

    so, what's the purpose of having 2 screens? i would be quite busy watching both of them while playing a game :\

    Does it feel ergonomic? Because it certainly doesn't look it....

    Trying to play an FPS and using both trigger buttons as well as the face buttons could be a handcramp nightmare...

    Interesting. A Nintendo home console might make its way back to my living room.

    But a ZL button??? Really? How many buttons does this thing have?

    While it's impressive and the controller could definitely make things interesting. I'd imagine that developing games for it will be a bitch :P

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