Let's Look At Plastic Mechs!

There's a new Gundam series, penned by Professor Layton designer Akihiro Hino. It's dubbed Gundam Age. New Gundam means new Gundam toys.

There are also pics of the in-store Gundam toy scanner, the Gage-ing Battle Base. The Gundam Age plastic models are chipped, so they can be scanned in, which produces a battle simulation.

Website Gigazine was on hand to snap photos. Some Gundam fans like the Age designs, and some hate them. You?

ガンダムAGEの大作RPGをレベルファイブが制作、ICチップ搭載ガンプラを買うと無料で遊べる店頭ゲームなどガンダムAGEの新展開いろいろまとめ [GIGAZINE]


    This is weird. It looks like Gundam Paint-by-Numbers. I can see pieces of other units all over this. I can see heaps of Exia in "Gundam Normal", and I can see the GNY (Innovator) series' shoulders in that blue sniper-type, and the one on the right in the second last pic looks like half a GN-X and half a Flag. Second from the left in the same pic reminds me heaps of Nadaleh.

    Really cheaped out on us this time, guys.

    AGE has nothing to do with the 00 universe the series plot and tie ins are unknown at this stage though the animation looks very childish at best i hope it atleast ties in with universal century. most of those plamo have what looks like large particle canning sticking out of the torso

    i and many others was hoping for crossbone or somthing related to it

    AGE just isn't doing it for me. The AGE itself is just yet another minor variant of the RX-72, and I have built enough of those. The blue one from the promo video might be interesting, but the rest just look 'meh' and the animation is very YuGiOh/aimed at pubescant boys, etc.

    First few looks at AGE I was kinda excited.. Different art style to shake up the look a bit. But gotta say, those Gundams do not look good, or sexy.. Really not excited at this point. Still gotta buy me a 1/60 Exia :P

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