Libya Is Quickly Becoming A Level From Twisted Metal

Libya Is Quickly Becoming A Level From Twisted Metal

Just this morning we showed you a chopper-rocket-packing truck of the Libyan rebel army. Looks like it wasn’t the only one they’ve got: we found another hybrid missile pod pounder, firing away across flaming war wreckage. The scene is apocalyptically surreal.

DefenseTech speculates the salvaged rocket pod atop this car (in a single model, as opposed to the earlier dual-firing setup) is a UB-35, also torn from Qaddafi’s downed Soviet-built air force. And behind it? A whole convoy of other war-modded cars. This might be one of the most cleverly-fought rebellions of all time – certainly one showing off the most mechanical prowess. Don’t fuck with the underdog when they’ve got engineering degrees. [via DefenseTech]

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    • When what’s actually happening is so surreal that it most closely resembles a videogame, as opposed to anything I’ve ever seen in real life, I think it is. Its not belittling to say that they’ve salvaged military equipment and strapped it to civilian vehicles… its batshit insane, but they are doing what they believe is right. Its a fucked up situation, much like those that are actually presented in games, and sci-fi movies.

  • This article would be funny, if people weren’t out there dieing right now. Cheers for the Defense Tech link, some interesting stuff there.

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