LIttleBigPlanet On The PlayStation Vita Looks Like This

LittleBigPlanet is bringing Play, Create, Share to the PS Vita. So add Touch, Tilt and Rear-Touch to the mix. Sounds... sexy.

The game will have new modes as well as online. The game will have all the tools from LBP2, and players can even share costumes with the PS3.


    That trailer was the one that got me very excited for the NGP/PSVista/PSVita//Ohgodit'sjustlikeNatal/Kinectalloveragain.

    Little Deviants, that sound game and Modnation looked pretty cool and used the tech well, but the ability to create two player air hockey games, your own angry birds, basically, anything using LBP2's amazing tools is pretty damn awesome. Am more intrigued by NGP.

    New developer Tarsier Studios.

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