LIVE BLOG: EA Press Conference

Alright. It's 5.30 and I haven't slept a wink. EA's E3 conference is about to get underway - let's get this thing kicking!

6.31am Well, that's all she wrote - solid conference from EA. FIFA 12 looks great, Mass Effect 3 - obviously. Even though I do feel a twinge of fear when I remember the cock rock trailer. Hope there isn't a bit of dumbing down involved. Battlefield continues to look incredible, and The Sims on Facebook - well, I look forward to blocking that from my own personal feed, but everyone knows at least a hundred people who will become obsessed with that game.

EA is moving forward in an intelligent manner it seems.

6.30am Riccitiello hammering home the no subscription thing. And rightly so.

6.28am These kinds of games are totally not my thing - but the scale and detail in Battlefield 3 is such a leap ahead of its competitors.

6.26am Can't type. Too busy being engrossed by pretty shiny game thing.

6.24am Some smart sound design with this Tank section - it doesn't sound like you'd expect it to, but still feels familiar.

6.22am Wow. Battlefield 3 truly does look phenomenal.

6.20am Battlefield dev is laughing as he announces Battlelog - he knows! He knows everyone's going to love the fact that an online social service is completely free. Activision are shambling here.

6.19am Military shooters are the definition of flaccid to me - but sweet zombie Riccitiello, Battlefield 3 looks polished. Very impressed.

6.18am You know what - Activision is on the ropes. This is Battlefield's game to win.

6.17am This trailer needs more Inception BWAAAAAAAAHS!

6.16am Pretty impressive trailer for Overstrike - I like the tone and the look. Seems snappy and smart.

6.14am Oh, unique art style - I like this already. Looks like Timesplitters almost...

6.13am Ted Price. Like a boss. With massive ears.

Overstrike is announced - near future mercenary game with innovative weaponry. I'm intrigued...

6.12am Some fresh character design there...

6.10am Reckoning eh? Production values appear to be pretty stellar for this. Another generic Fantasy RPG though?

6.09am The Sims on Facebook... what did I just watch! But impossible to deny it's a top notch idea.

6.07am And now jaundiced Chris Walken is back. MORE COWBELL!

6.06am Do the moonwalk Peter Moore. I know you can do it!

6.04am Lots of oiled up men I don't recognise... must be Handegg players.

6.03am It's easy to forget just how big a deal Madden is in the states...

6.02am Looks like Madden might be getting the Fight Night Champion treatment - with a storyline mode?

6.01am EA are just refusing to take the foot of the gas with the FIFA franchise.

6.00am Ooh - big giant gamification scheme for FIFA 12. Gamification has become a dirty word, but this might work quite well.

5.59am EA Sports football club - new feature. Live service with challenges from all the big matches in the real world. "Ignites the passion" of football fans. And it's free! Sounds brilliant, actually.


5.57am Rooney you are so bald!

5.57am I like the sound of this impact engine - hopefully as big a move forward as 360 degree controls.

5.56am Timing is as important as the tackling. I like that.

5.55am FIFA STAT ATTACK! Major willie wagging going on right now. I forgive you Peter.

5.54am Race it, trick it, survive it - the three main gameplay elements of SSX. Sounds good.

5.54am Peter Moore you beautiful man! Teach me! Show me the way!

5.52am It's SSX - TO THE MAXXX! Jan 2012!

5.50am Duel of the fates! BOOF! The only good thing from the prequels!

5.48am You know - it might be good timing for a fresh MMO to come in and shift things up a bit. The Star Wars brand is probably the only one big enough to pull it off... the game has to be good though - obviously!

5.47am Help Star Wars Bioware. Your our only hope.

5.46am The Dr will see you now...

5.45am Nah, this new NFS isn't for me.

5.42am And the on-foot sections are quick time events? Well, I guess it's better than clunky, half arsed integration. Keeping it simple works a bit better in this case I would reckon...

5.40am On foot sections for NFS? Groan. Look at me! I'm judging this design choice. [Serrels' Stare]

5.39am Need for Speed: The Run currently on... auto log appears to be the focus - "upping the ante".

5.38am Whammy! John Riccitiello dropping the clangers. He looks like a bit like a jaundiced Christopher Walken.

5.37 Is this guys Aussie or English. Worst accent ever - Dick Van Dyke in the house. Also - don't quite understand why this trailer requires a cock rock soundtrack - the trailer sounds like a bloody Wrestling pay per view.

5.35 Looks like Bioware has decided to ramp up the scale. You'd kinda expect that. Quite happy to see a handful of set pieces to break things up.

5.34am Yes. Mass Effect March 6. Alright well, that's a little later than I was hoping for, but I'm still cool with that. Just please inject it directly to my brain somehow.

5.31am Alright guys - I'm ready for this. Peter Moore - I wish you were my Dad, or at least my non-creepy Uncle. Quick toilet break done. Pointless Kinect integration into FIFA 12 please!


    I think the question on everyone's mind for Mass Effect 3 is just how impossibly bad-ass will Garrus be?

    I love slow-mo jumping.
    If you ever thought NFS needed more QTEs, wooooooo.

      This actually looks quite interesting. I've sort of had enough of just racing, in fact, I haven't finished any of the recent NFS games, they just get a bit boring after a while.



      "The thing about football - the important thing about football - is that it is not just about football" - Terry Pratchett.

      And apparently all the people at EA.

        I just had an amazing idea.

        A dedicated skiing game, requiring fine control on dual thumbsticks to control carving and sliding. Given the number of tracks, styles, and skies available, it could be more in-depth than a normal racing game!

        If they'll market this shiz, surely they'll do my terrible idea.

    Wasn't that old guy who looked like death saying no celebrities?
    I don't know anything about gridiron apart from some basics, but I'm pretty sure these are known sportsmen. Kind of like celebrities of sorts. Just saying.

    Look at these hip young people being hip and young and playing Sims Social.
    I want o be hip and young too.

      Hell yeah man, start hitting on chicks via social gaming.

      I almost typed that with a straight face.

    So that Overstrike trailer has probably been the most entertaining thing of E3 so far. Oh snap the BF3 is up...

    Battlefield is looking phenomenal. Not my thing, but I can appreciate the gorgeousness.

    work up at 5:30 live stream wouldnt work went back to bed. Now i get to leave for uni exams :(

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