LIVE BLOG: Nintendo’s E3 Conference

LIVE BLOG: Nintendo’s E3 Conference

LIVE BLOG: Nintendo’s E3 Conference So after a solid power nap I’m awake and ready. My body is ready – of course. My cup of tea is ready. I’m very excited about this conference in particular, and excited to see what the next console cluttering up my living room will look like…

Stick around folks – this is going to be good! Thanks to Sughly, who always delivers, for the above pic!

3.15am Alright! That’s a wrap for the Nintendo conference! Thanks for sticking around folks! Look for my impressions on the site soon!

3.14am Also – design of the new controller. Not too keen on it.

3.13am Well. Pretty sure this is all anyone will be talking about this E3. A flawed victory for Nintendo.

3.12am Also – any Wii games? LOL!

3.11am Oooh! Open online functionality!

3.10am Good that EA are thinking of ways to move controls onto the touch screen.

3.09am Busting out Zombie Christopher Walken. Great call! Moar cowbell!

3.06am Still – I literally can’t believe that Nintendo hasn’t shown a proper first party game on this device. Completely bizarre.

3.05am Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed and Darksiders II on the console. Maybe this third party vid is for real. Maybe they will get on board?

Also – Yves – stop pretending to be French. The gig is up!

3.03am Nintendo LEGO Stories. Wat. Go away Reggie. This is rubbish.

3.02am Nintendo want dat Apple money.

3.01am NSMB Mii! Good idea. Wow. You can peer into the world.

3.00am This console needs a Wii Sports style killer app to simultaneously explain and sell the device.

2.59am Wii U playable at E3. But only interactive demos – not actual games.

2.58am 3DS Smash Bros and Wii U version will work together.

2.58am Smash Bros is a great fit for Wii U – good announcement Iwata.


2.57am Alright – show don’t tell Nintendo. We need to be shown how this works with a new title.

2.56am I think there will be some interesting uses for this tech. Can’t wait to see what Nintendo do with this.

2.56am Explain to me Miyamoto! EXPLAIN TO ME!

2.55am Alright! Here come the games.

2.54am Honestly – my main issue is the controller itself. It’s truly huge. Is it really going to be comfortable?

2.53am Wii U is not a portable games machine.

2.52am Actually, when I think about it. It kinda is quite incredible.

2.51am Hmmm maybe I’m being a little cynical. This should be awesome actually.

2.50am This is… kinda what I was expecting which is disappointing. Hold on is that Zelda game for real?!

2.49am Also – not liking the design.

Oh, but gyroscope stuff is cool.

2.48am Is this even a new game machine? Why are they showing Wii games on it?

2.47am This is impressive – but is it really something that can’t be done with an iPad. Hmm…

2.46am Touch screen/tablet controller confirmed. Don’t know about this…

2.47am Oh Reggie you magical wordsmith.

2.46am Wii U? Wat.

2.45am Oh something big is coming…

2.44am Nintendo not really giving the 3DS the kick up the arse it needs. Get me my kicking boot!

2.43am Ah Pokemon. Please go away Pokemon. BOO THIS MAN!

2.42am Unprecedented 3rd party support is slim pickings. Let’s be totally honest here…

2.41am Come on man. Where are the 3DS surprises? [Sad face]

2.40am Even the 3DS third party developers need a montage.

2.38am Alright let’s move beyond nostalgia Nintendo – my kidney’s hurt.

2.37am Luigi’s Mansion looking fantastic. I want this game in my life.

2.37am Luigi’s Mansion 2! Hahahahaha! Yeah boy!

2.36am Kid Icarus AR cards. Nice.

2.36am First negative post – we better see some surprises for the 3DS.

2.35am Here’s that Kid Icarus franchise that everyone pretends they care about for some reason.

2.34am Before the year is over – music to my ears.

2.33am This looks good – 3D TANOOKI.

This is exactly what it should be. Simple, easily navigated 3D environments. Striking bold art. Love this trailer. I’m already in love with this game. [Moonwalks on mid air.]

2.32am Yes – give me the Mario 3DS trailer. Make it go! Press play. I want this. Give it to me.

2.31am Alright Reggie. Blast my face off with something new. Make my face melt. Ark of the Covenant console please.

2.30am Great news – in stores this christmas.

2.29am Mario Kart looking like… well precisely as you would expect I suppose. Nah – looks good. Track design looks stellar.

2.28am 3DS games? They still make those?

Mario Kart. About time Reggie!

2.28am Yes Reggie I like games. And I like new stuff. Talk to me big man. I want a Don Draper style presentation here! Break my heart into a million tiny pieces!


2.25am DO A BARREL ROLL! What is this! Argh! What is going on!

2.25am Oh for god’s sake – technical difficulties FFS! We’re BACK!

2.15am Link’s Awakening on the virtual colour! Swoon…

2.14am Miyamoto loving this orchestra a little too much!

2.13am MOAR ORCHESTRA! Wow! Love the puzzle sound! Ahahaha! Nostalgia. The sweet pain!

2.12am Yes. Orchestra music in Zelda confirmed. But surely that was no brainer. Can’t wait for this.

2.11am Yes! Miyamoto. Zelda does bring back memories. I LOVE YOU. Please be my Dad.


2.09am Wow, that Zelda section looked amazing. Yes. Please be good. I need this!

2.07am This orchestra is boss. MY TEAR GLANDS ARE READY!

2.06am Orchestra dropping mad zelda beats on us. I’m tingling all over!

2.06am Force feed that sweet nostalgia down my throat… I want to taste it!


2.04am ONE MINUTE!

2.03am Zelda – please don’t be rubbish. Also. Help me grow a decent beard.

2.01am Internet: [laughs]

1.59am Any late predictions? Will Nintendo’s new console actually be the discovered Ark of the Covenant?

1.57am Alright – Nintendo running about five minutes late apparently. Looks like Reggie is currently working out the kinks in his moonwalk. HIS MOONWALK IS NOT READY!


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