Liveblogging Al Gore’s Games For Change Keynote

Liveblogging Al Gore’s Games For Change Keynote

Former vice president Al Gore addresses the Games for Change summit today, kicking off three days of discussion about making games for social impact.

Gore is co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management and co-founder and chairman of Current TV. He also did that whole Vice President of the United States thing.

While it isn’t clear what Gore will be talking about during his keynote, it wouldn’t be surprising if he drifted into a discussion of climate protection, a subject he’s devoted much of his post-vice presidency championing.

Our own Stephen Totilo is on-site covering Gore’s talk. Follow us and it live below. The rest of three-day summit will be livestreamed. We’re told Gore’s talk won’t be.


  • Finally… us unwashed masses that use his ‘Great Invention’ to follow video game news simply cannot wait for him to swoop down from on high and save us from the impending doom of Console Warming and blah blah blah, etc., etc…

  • We should trust Al Gore on this climate change thing, I mean, he DID invent the internet after all.

    And it’s not like he stands to massively profit from the scam.

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