Lulzsec Hackers Call It Quits

Whether planned retirement (or, more likely, hounded into disbanding), Lulzsec, the unlovable clowns behind hack operations against BioWare, Sony, Nintendo, EVE Online and Minecraft, ended its brief reign of semi-terror today with its final dump of stolen data, highlighted by 550,000 user names and passwords for the Battlefield Heroes beta of 2009. Another 50,000 users' data from "random gaming forums" also were published. You can read their self-aggrandizing farewell at the link. [Gawker]


    *sniff* *sniff*

    Smells like somebody shat themselves...

    Can you hear that? It's the sound of a collective sigh of relief from all game devs. Hopefully, this incident has detailed the importance of proper data security, especially to Sony!

      Thanks for making me laugh.
      Not only is it funny that you think this, but its hilariousness that "lulzsec" managed to convince themselves this was the reason for doing such hacking.

      Lul indeed.

        You don't need to believe that's why they did it to know that what they said was completely true. Security is currently awful, computer knowledge anything above your basic home user makes this pretty clear. Yeah these guys were pricks and went about it in completely the wrong way. But yes, it would in fact be nice if said companies bothered to bolster their security measures because of it.

    The picture sums up my mental image of Lulzsec without even trying.

    You sunk my battleship!

    Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out. It's doubtful you'll be missed.

    This wasn't planned. They're just getting caught one by one and sh♥t their pants.

    quitting while you're ahead and still have your freedom, smart idea lol

      Sadly for them (but entertainingly for the rest of us), law enforcement won't stop chasing you for past transgressions just because you've stopped committing new ones.

    Thieves are also usually Liars.

    Still hope the FBI catch up with them

    **** i might be one of those in the Battlefiled heroes beta, or "random gaming forums", now i have to change my passwords, asswipes

    No one will miss these bunch of tossa's

    I call that they are lying

    I hope they get treated like cyber crims(I hate misusing the word hacker) from the 80's and 70's - "NO PHONE CALL! YOU'LL HACK THE MOON INTO THE PLANET!"

    Solitary confinment, no internet access on any computer, the computer they are allowed to use is locked down so tight notepad is a hurdle to open, and everything is recorded via keylog.

    Had they gotten in, left a file detailing the method and how to fix it, and then made a big fuss, that would be one thing. Arguably grey hat. Getting in, stealing sensitive data, then releasing, while ddosing sites for the purpose of laughing? As far as I'm concerned, cyber terrorism, and thanks to how the internet works, probably internationally so.

    I hope nobody gives them soap on a rope. They don't deserve it.

      Totally agreeing with this. If you want to play noble, you break the rules in a way that doesn't hurt people. Lulzsec have hurt people. This means the civil courts are more than welcome to have a field day with them.

        My kid plays minecraft. A 7 year old. He plays it online. They have a peaceful fun family friendly server that got affected by these assholes. For what Lulzsec? For what?

    didn't really get a chance to read this till now but honestly I feel like it's too soon to say that the scare is over. Just because someone swears they'll never do it again and gives some 'good' but 'misguided' reason doesn't mean they'll keep to it. Plenty of examples can be used there.

    Had these guys actually turned themselves into a police station with the proof of their crimes and all that jazz then I could at least say "maybe they will keep their word". However, they're just slinking off into the internet as if, you know, what they did will be all but forgotten in a few days.

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