LunchTimeWaster: Bieber Beat Up

Alright, it's blatantly obvious that Kick Out Bieber game is based on a gimmick - causing harm to a virtual Justin Bieber. It's also pretty clear that the game won't be winning any awards. But that doesn't mean we can't give it a shot, or be mildly amused by it.

Kick out Bieber is basically a 'launch' game, like Shopping Cart Hero. The aim is to boot Justin Bieber off the stage as forcefully as possible. The further you boot him, the more upgrades you can buy, enabling you to boot the Biebs ever further still.

So, yeah. Slightly generic. But the game is well put together, and kinda funny.

Kick out Bieber [Kongregate]


    Can I recommend when people go to the Kongregate site they don't click on this one, but move their mouse an inch to the right and click on "Learn 2 Fly"?

    Alot of LTW's are coming from Kongregate lately guys.

      Because Kongregate is the Steam of flash games.

    Why the hell is Bieber doing an opening act for this guy?? That's asking for trouble~! haha

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