LunchTimeWaster: Blood Suckingly Good

Little known fact: I'm allergic to mosquito bites. Therefore I hate mosquitoes. It was for this reason that I initially found it difficult to empathise with the protagonist in Mosquito & Cow - a game in which you play a mosquito attempting to find a way to suck blood from a cow. Leave those poor cows alone goddammit!

Mosquito & Cow is a simple point a click puzzley/adventure affair - it's a little obscure at times, and makes life difficult for you, but the art and music has just enough charm to drag you through the experience. It has that whole hipster-esque handdrawn acoustic vibe to it - it feels fresh.

The main problem is a lack of guidance. The game provides you with hints and tips, but these are often as obscure as the puzzles themselves.

Still, I had fun. And I think you will too.

Mosquito & Cow [Kongregate]


    Foolish Serrels, you reveal your weakness! Muahahaha!

    Sounds like fun, wish I could give it a go but a user just ran an unknown program on their computer and now it won't boot into windows. Oh well, bookmarked for later.

    I was playing this yesterday, the sluggish nature of the controls was pretty darn annoying.

    somebody dress up as a mosquito during the next kotaku meat

    :/ I'm allergic to mosquito bites too. Passed down from my family.

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