LunchTimeWaster: Respawn

In most games survival is paramount. Dying will send you back to a previous checkpoint or, worse, to the beginning of a level. In Respawn death is mandatory - you must kill yourself constantly in order to proceed.

In Respawn you are in possession of a Spawn point, which you can throw around the world. The end result is a platform game with no jump button. In order to get from point A to point B, you must throw the spawn machine in the correct place.

It's an interesting gimmick, a neat twist. It never ends up being quite as much fun as I hoped it would be - a few more death animations would have cranked it up a notch - but still, an interesting concept and nicely impemented.

Probably best to give Respawn a go before Fox News reports it as a 'mass suicide simulator'.

Respawn [Kongregate]


    Thankfully I have admin rights on my computer at work...stupid unity web player.

    "In Respawn death is mandatory – you must kill yourself constantly in order to proceed."

    Almost sounds like Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter.

    The game is actually designed in a way that it is virtually impossible to finish a play through without dying at least once.

      Or Prey?
      I know the game wasn't impossible to beat, but you were almost *rewarded* for dying...

    There is a jump button. At least two in fact.
    space and w both work, although the jump isn't very effective.

    unity player?

    no thanks dont need to install more shit just to play a web game...

    Fox news reports? Sounds like someone's been looking at the witcher + obama mashup

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