LunchTimeWaster: Sequel To My Favourite Flash Game Of All Time

K.O.L.M. was and is my favourite flash game of all time. Most flash games (except Edmus of course) I'll simply play for 30 mins and forget about it, but not only did I play K.O.L.M. - the day I discovered it, I went home and played the whole thing from start to finish. Then on my next day off, I played through it a second time. Now, a sequel has been released - you must play this game.

K.O.L.M. is easily as polished as any you'll find on Xbox LIVE or PSN, and it's as well designed to boot. Essentially a Metroid-inspired platformer (K.O.L.M. stands for Kind Of Like Metroid) blends a sublime art design, puzzles, and incredible level design with a sombre narrative. It's an absolute class above.

I've just gotten started with K.O.L.M. 2, but so far so good.

If you haven't played the original, do so now. If you have, get excited for the sequel!

K.O.L.M. 2 [Armor Games]


    It felt a little shorter than the other one.

    shorter than the first. i assume because he lets you start off with all the upgrades from the first. To the effect that there were only 4 upgrades(i think)

      My plan is to play through it when I get home tonight. If Child of Eden doesn't get here. [crosses fingers]

    It's another fun game, with some gameplay innovations from the first.

    The music is again fantastic and the art style is really great.

    I don't really understand the story (didn't get it the first time and this is more confusing) but oh well.

    I didn't quite understand the ending.
    Might have something to do with me blasting the floor the first few times I entered that room.

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