LunchTimeWaster: Step One... Put Your Jack In A Box

When games have a mechanic that's interesting and fresh, I immediately take notice - even if that difference is subtle. But when games take care to nurture fresh mechanics, building a sound, polished structure around it - that's when I start to fall in love with a game. Jack in a Box isn't quite on that level... but it's close.

Jack in the Box has a sublimely simple tutorial system, a system that introduces you to its main mechanic quickly. You must guide multiple characters simultaneously from one point of the level to another. Without killing too many of the characters.

Sounds simple, but it's not always an easy task. The twist is that moving one character means moving every character. And considering different character are in different situations in the level, things can become quite tricky. Each level is essentially a puzzle to be solved. And solve it you must.

I had a lot of fun with Jack in the Box - it's a game that makes you feel smart and stupid at the precise same time. It makes your brain hurt, in a lot of ways it's like a futile attempt to rub your belly and pat your head, but ultimately it's a rewarding experience.

Jack in the Box [Kongregate]


    I thought step one was to cut a whole in the box.

      You are correct, step 2 is to put your "Jack" in that box!

    Is it a cat and some poison?

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