LunchTimeWaster: Vroom Vroom

F1. I barely understand it. Which extends from the fact that I don't really care about cars. Or driving fast. By that logic I shouldn't really enjoy driving games, but I do - a couple at least. Now you can add Grand Prix Go, a charming little isometric racer, to that list.

The art style is chunky, almost cute, but for some reason that makes the handling feel heavy and real. It isn't - of course - realistic in any sense, but it isn't overly forgiving either. Grand Prix Go is an arcade racer without doubt, but there is a decent learning curve here, and it pays to try and follow a decent racing line.

Definitely one of the better flash racers I've played. Give it a bash.

Grand Prix Go [Armor Games]


    This is actually rather good.
    And thats coming from a massive F1 fan who has been to the GP the last 5 years and never misses a race on TV and has a triple screen gaming setup with very expensive steering wheel haha!

      And now ive gone to using the customize feature to change the drivers names to real F1 drivers and alter there colors. im a fanatic...

        I hear ya dude, F1 rocks. You should check out the iRacing Forumla Fun series, best most accurate f1 sim out there, and would work well with your setup. Webber needs to fix his starts this year

    Pretty good - lags quite a bit on my work computer though..

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