LunchTimeWaster: Where The Hell Am I?

The power of cheaply made flash games, with little to no focus on aesthetics, is an ability to focus directly on innovative game mechanics - mechanics that utterly shine through, regardless of how the game looks. Where Am I is fun. It will also be fun 2000 years from now. It's clever, unique and fiendishly frustrating.

Where Am I is a maze game - but you can't see where the maze is. You have to find it. Each time you touch a specific part of the maze, some of it will show up - but not all of it. Essentially you have to feel your way through the maze, and this makes for a tactile experience. It is a puzzle to be remembered, then solved.

If you'll allow me a little self-indulgence, Where Am I feels like an abstract metaphor for being blind - I'd love to see this concept integrated into a fully developed AAA experience. This idea works amazingly well. Can someone please take note?

Where Am I [Armor Games]


    That was pretty awesome. Kind of a pity that there weren't many false paths, though that may have made the game a little bit too difficult.

    Very cool. Over quickly which, as a Lunch Time Waster, is a good thing.

    Very nice - and I like the idea of integrating it into a AAA, where you have to ping the different parts of the maze/walls/platforms and then remember their location.

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