LunchTimeWaster: Wish Upon A Starwish

Like your simple shooters combined with the kind of rambling, pointless dialogue that only a JRPG can provide? Well, you're sure to love Starwish - a game that combines the twitch mechanics of a regular r-type style shooter with the self-indulgent theatrics of the JRPG!

I'm jesting of course - I quite like Starwish, with its hyper stylised art and penchant for drama. At its core it's another shooter, but it features some solid production values, and at least provides you with a bit of context, and a reason why you're shooting the crap out of random bad guys.



    I would check it out but Dibbles has caught my attention. Takes me back to my Lemmings days.

    That game sounds great! Pity, though...

    A) It's not lunchtime in WA yet :(
    B) I can't play games at work! Boo, retail!

    I actually found this the other day, it takes more than a lunchtime, though, there's some serious playtime and depth in this little game.

    It's pretty fun, too, although the walls of text can get to be a bit much. I found myself just clicking through some of them, even though the writing's prety good.

    I really enjoyed this game. Lonewolf is right, it takes more than a lunchtime to play through. Unlike lonewolf, I didn't have a problem with the text. I love old school RPGs with largely text-based exposition. I find that often animated cutscenes with voice acting slow down the progression of the story/game without adding enough to the experience to justify it them.

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