Man Behind Marvel Movies Now Behind Angry Birds

The executive producer of blockbuster Marvel movies like Iron Man and Thor is now the executive producer of...any and all upcoming Angry Birds movies.

Trading heroes for birds, David Maisel says of his move from Marvel Entertainment to Rovio, developers of the hit mobile game, "The business model, intellectual properties, and the franchise potential of Angry Birds give Rovio the most exciting prospects I have seen in the entertainment business since Marvel in 2003."

But then he would say that, given they're paying his bills.

Rovio recently bought a Finnish animation studio with an eye towards making Angry Birds movies in-house.

Marvel Studios chairman joins Rovio []


    I still don't understand the Angry Birds craze. It's such a mediocre castle crusher style game.

      I got it for PSP, and it's not very good. It's mostly luck based and the scoring system is bleh, not to mention the mediocre music. I wasn't impressed at all.

    Agreed. I think the guy who come up with the character design for Angry Birds (I say character design because the game itself isn't original in the slightest) made a deal with the devil. That's the only explanation.

    How.... do you make a movie, out of a game based on firing birds at pigs...?

    The mind reels...

      It'll be a 'dark and gritty' origins story about how the birds had their parents killed in an alleyway by some punk pigs, so they become vigilantes.

      Seriously, fuck Angry Birds. Such a shit, flimsy excuse of a glorified flash game for people who are easily entertained by garbage from a studio that would rather pump out "Rio" themed packs and rake in appstore money than bother innovating with a new IP.

    I actually think an animated Angry Birds movie done the right way could work. It has pretty much everything a good kids movie needs: colourful characters and potential merchandising out the wazoo.

    A movie based on angry pfft what has the world come to have they already ran out of movie ideas

    How on earth is this game going to translate to film.

    Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole except with different bird colours & enemy pigs? Who in their right mind who attempt this. They may as well start with a blank slate because their source material just isn't worth using...

    One part of me wants it to be good but it's shameful that if it really was the best game movie was based on this, sigh. Most likely it'll be a semi-flop because it's main audience will be fans of the IP.

    I think Ridley Scott will tackle it after he does Monopoly. Rusty Crowe would be a decent GigglePig.

    Otherwise, Peter Berg only needs to get Battleship out of the way and then his schedule is clear. Maybe we might get lucky and Berg will bring Liam Neeson over to play Red Angry Bird...?

    OMG rooster teeth was right

    not interested on the slightest level. both the game and the movie

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