Martial Arts Wizard Shows Xbox 360 Controller Motion Controls

Azo was sceptical about Kinect. Then he got it, and found out he liked it. Know what else he likes? Swinging his Xbox 360 Controller around like a freakin' badass.

According to Azo, "The old controllers are pretty fun to play with, even if you don't own a console or a TV." But especially if you can fling a controller with and not choke yourself.

[Thanks Andy!]


    Dude you just turned rope-dart into a man's weapon... nice work!!1

    Meh, I do that in the shower with my soap on a rope every morning.

    Was he the animator for Friday Night Combat?

    That is the saddest living room ever.
    (outside of a crack-house)

    Wow! So never gonna piss this guy off when we're playing Halo.

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