Mass Effect 2 Statue Made Out Of Wire By Some Dude's Wife

Kotaku reader Shockwaver (not his real name, I think) wrote, letting Kotaku know that his wife is big Mass Effect. Proof isn't in the pudding, but this Mordin Solus statue.

"She spent about 20 hours building it first out of a wire frame, and then out of modelling clay and painting it and it's a bit over 12 inches tall," wrote Shockwaver. "You can see in progress shots as well as her Thane and Blasto the Hanar Spectre statues at her DeviantArt site."


    "Some dude's wife"? Seriously? Did you not get her name, or something? You couldn't just use her handle, 'silverwillow'? You didn't seem to mind using her husband's handle, 'Shockwaver'. What the fuck, man.

    Also, "his wife is big Mass Effect."

    Generally, I let this thing slide, but after a while, it becomes ridiculous that 'professionals' can improperly write a short post or give proper credit to someone who definitely deserves it.

    Nice job silverwillow, the statue is awesome.

    Wow, brian - "some dude's wife"? Not cool. Why not lead with 'Awesome fan-made Mass Effect Statue'. You know, the, same sort of headline kotaku usually runs with when talking about fan creations made by dudes? And, you know, maybe mention her name, given that you're linking to her deviant art account.

    It's amazing what sort of modelling tools you can find in the kitchen these days.

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