Master Chief Returns With Halo 4 In 2012

A teaser trailer for Halo 4 concluded Microsoft's E3 news conference today. In it, the series' longtime hero, Master Chief, awakens from cryonic sleep to the voice of Cortana, calling him by his name. He then grabs Cortana and flees the wreckage a ship hurtling toward some sort of portal.

Microsoft's Don Mattrick said Halo 4 will be "part of a new trilogy." The game is due for a holiday 2012 release.


    I see people bashing this news, but screw the haters. I love Halo and I love that we're getting 3 more... PLUS an update of Combat Evolved. This is brilliant news. :3

    Oh my God Halo 4 i cant wait i have been offically mind raped shit im shaking of excitment i have waited that many years for this game, Halo 4 will be insane and the combat evolved remake looks amazing dead set phenonmal i cant take all this im going to have a stroke.

    Yeah im happy about it! After all that kinect nonsense was happy to see the chief! Looking forward to what 343 does with Halo & where the story goes.

    So, do we know who is actually developing these new games and the remake? I don't think I've read that information anywhere...

      343 Industries, an internal Microsoft team specifically put together to handle everything Halo. They're the guys who put together the Defiant Map Pack, and have been pretty integral to things like Halo Waypoint and the release of Halo material outside of just the games (like comics, novels, Halo: Legends, etc.).

    I'm excited about the continuation of Halo 3's ending and opened story, I just hope they do it justice.

    They gotta nail gameplay, but for me, more importantly is the story.

    It's a shame Bungie couldn't have come back to this in a few years time after working on something fresh, but, its the Xbox's flagship title and, sells consoles.

    Great news! Can't wait to get my hands on Halo 4 and the new anniversary edition of Halo Combat Evolved - been missing the Chief something awful. Halo 4 has big shoes to fill.

    So glad to have Chief and Cortana back *huge sigh of relief* I have missed them so.

    so do we exactly know where the chief is in this new trailer? is it the covenant ship High Charity that is controlled by the gravemind, or is it a fourunner planet? im so stoked for this game!!!!

    What is that guy callde is light light yellow like white yellow he has a gun wiht a blade

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