Meet Final Combat, China’s Shameless Team Fortress 2 Rip-off

The game makers of China, not content to let the Koreans corner the market on Team Fortress 2 clones, have created their own in Final Combat, only this one is way, way more blatant than previous efforts.

Meet “the Rocket,” part Team Fortress 2 soldier, part Chinese fireman, all unoriginal. He’s just one of nine classes teased at the official Final Combat website, each of which appears to be lifted almost directly from Valve’s game. There’s a Pyro with a guitar on his back, a Scout armed with a hockey stick, and a Demoman, distinguishable from his TF2 counterpart only by heavy armour.

It looks like Final Combat added at least one twist. The game’s Medic and Sniper equivalents appear to be of the female persuasion.

Now, we haven’t actually played Final Combat yet, so it may be a wildly different game than Team Fortress 2. I’m just pining my rip-off accusations to Final Combat‘s blatant swiping of Valve’s character design, interface, typeface and humorous class introduction videos. So maybe I’m way off. Judge for yourself.

Final Combat [Xunlei – Thanks D!]

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