Meet Final Combat, China's Shameless Team Fortress 2 Rip-off

The game makers of China, not content to let the Koreans corner the market on Team Fortress 2 clones, have created their own in Final Combat, only this one is way, way more blatant than previous efforts.

Meet "the Rocket," part Team Fortress 2 soldier, part Chinese fireman, all unoriginal. He's just one of nine classes teased at the official Final Combat website, each of which appears to be lifted almost directly from Valve's game. There's a Pyro with a guitar on his back, a Scout armed with a hockey stick, and a Demoman, distinguishable from his TF2 counterpart only by heavy armour.

It looks like Final Combat added at least one twist. The game's Medic and Sniper equivalents appear to be of the female persuasion.

Now, we haven't actually played Final Combat yet, so it may be a wildly different game than Team Fortress 2. I'm just pining my rip-off accusations to Final Combat's blatant swiping of Valve's character design, interface, typeface and humorous class introduction videos. So maybe I'm way off. Judge for yourself.

Final Combat [Xunlei - Thanks D!]


    Wow... they're not even trying to make it look different. That shot of all the classes at the end almost seems like a deliberate homage. least they gave him a is this illegal in any way? Guess not seeing as it happens all the time.

      Yes, Valve have copyright in the 2D and 3D art used in the game, and the 3D "sculptures" made in whatever polygon software they use.

      It would also be passing off.

      Problem is, good luck trying to sue China for shameless rip offs, as you've gotta serve on somebody and get them to court, and China's government is all-behind them copying the rest of the world.

    nah, i don't see any resemblance. You're reaching there Mikey.

    I don't think I've ever seen anything that was so blatantly copied. It looks like the copied everything from classes, character design, even the weapons.

      Also the maps, but some are also from Battlefield: Heroes apparently.

    Even if it is a total rip off, they are fine as long as they use their own code and art assets.

    I was finding this kind of funny up until I saw the Rocket Launcher.

    It is quite literally an exact copy of Valve's model.

    Wow. The rocket launchers are identical. Not even trying to cover that one.

    Also at the end of the clip in the background, look at the way he stands, it's exactly the same as the Soldier in TF2

    Man, this looks AMAZING. No sarcasm intended.

    Now do I prefer what appears to be a chick sniper, or an australian sniper....

    If I buy this, will I get a hat in TF2?

    PS - not illegal, they don't subscribe to the same copyright laws as the US.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I wonder - can you get the game in English at all?

    Those are Battlefield Heroes maps iirc. Valve probably won't do anything but EA will.

    I'd say we give them what for and rip off something of theirs. But China doesn't have anything worth even considering ripping off.

    i would buy that off steam :D

    That's not all. If you watch a clip of gameplay, found here (, you can clearly hear a sound clip ripped DIRECTLY from Team fortress 2 of the Announcer.

    Their kill icons are also copied directly from Team Fortress 2.

    I can see Lulzsec or similar DDOSing the shit out the official website in the coming days/months.

      Lulzsec is disbanded, fyi.

    Sooo...its TS2 with Firemen?

    I gotta say, I like their map aesthetics. That at least differs from TF2, and in a good way.

    Also WTF firemen.

      The maps are directly from Battlefield: Heroes. Basically more ripoffs.

    According to a youtube comment on one of the gameplay videos (don't take this be a true and credible source). They made it because tf2 is difficult to access or something due to the government and stuff and they wanted people in china to be able to experience the same game.

    Idk if this is true (again its from a damn youtube comment so don't take it to heart) but if it is then at least there is some motivation or sympathy for this obvious copy.

    They got one thing right - A medium assault class. We have light (scout) and heavy (solly, heavy) but have nothing in between. I don't know if it's their 10th class, or if he replaced something, but the green beret looking dude with the AR is something TF2 needs badly.

    How can they expect people to buy the rip off version when the real thing ,that has over one hundred updates behind it, is available for free?

    China is a mere shadow of its former glory. What happened to the people who invented so many gadgets and weapons so long ago? Now all the country does is rip off other countries creations and try to make money off them. The entire country is a bunch of hacks and they are a disgrace to inventors everywhere. It's not just video games, all kinds of movies, clothing, toys, and books are ripped off in China, sold for plenty of cash, and nobody is held responsible. It's a disgrace.

    Im chinese. Chinese are mad about this too.We like tf2 now that it is free.I have played the game:its the same as tf2.Just worse.

      meet the final combat

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