'Meet The Medic' Is* Part Of Team Fortress 2's 'Über Update'

Valve's forever updated Team Fortress 2 is rolling out "the biggest, most ambitious update" in the history of the game later this week, the Über Update. Despite its name, it's not

just focusing on TF2's Medic class.

The first part of the Über Update, detailed on the game's official site, is Mafia-related, detailing three new items each for the Heavy (Tomislav, The Eviction Notice, The Family Business) and Spy (The Enforcer, The Big Earner, The Made Man). Also pictured are what may be new hats, though this is still unconfirmed.

There's also a new Payload map.

Perhaps most exciting is the other thing Valve is promising for this Thursday, June 23.

*While we believe that a new "Meet the Medic" video short is coming, it's purely based on speculation of the following teaser provided by Valve.

1.) It IS a "Meet the" short. 2.) It involves ONE of the two remaining classes. 3.) It's NOT the Pyro. 4.) It's the MEDIC.

Oh, how I wish Valve would make a real life thinking cap hat so we could figure out what this is!

The Über Update, Day One [TeamFortress]


    Why don't Valve sell real versions of their in-game hats on their store?! That'd be incredible...

      They do, you can buy the MANN CO cap, as well as the RED version of Ellis' cap on the Valve store.

    Predicting that Meet the Medic day will be the day where they unveil the medic weapons that have been collecting dust on the Beta.

    Still, excited as usual. Sure, I'm probably never going to use most of this but I don't really mind. It's part of the euphoria of a class update, I guess.

    Woo hoo! Moar TF2 and more reason to get fully blown addicted again!

    I hadn't played TF2 since the introduction of hats. that isn't a 'stance' i took, just the timing happened that way (seemed to start playing some new and different games at around the same time). Reinstalled for the first time the other day, and was too confused but what seemed like a totally different game! Too much energy to ge tback into it personally, so i uninstalled :S Pity, b/c medic was always my fav :P

    All of these items were made by the community. Go to polycount if you're curious

    No other patch or game update has ever made me happier. I remember how over engie)s'ed) it was with the engie update. Now there will be plenty of medics for the sniping :)

    Awesome...right now I have 123hrs as a medic, I can see that number growing considerably over the next few months.

    Oops! That was not medicine!

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