Meet The Medic

Following a two year hiatus since the last Team Fortress 2 "Meet the Team" video, Valve unleashes "Meet the Medic", an introduction to the man behind the Übercharge. It was worth the wait.

There are sneak peeks at some of the new content promised in this week's "Über Update" amidst this insane medical action drama, an update that goes live today. It wraps with the news that Valve is making Team Fortress 2 a free to play game going forward.



    That was DEFINITELY worth the wait!!

    BRB, reinstalling TF2.

    Makes me want to play now, but current computer can't handle games :(

      This game has LOW system requirements. You might just wanna check it out

        I can't even run Magicka D: But reinstalling would require something like 2.5GB in updates. Damn it Valve <_<

    That video was amazing.

    Will be downloading this when I get home.

    So wait.

    The Mann Co store was secretly just phase one of a stealth conversion to microtransactions?

    Wow. If it was anyone else but Valve they'd get slammed for this.

      They've been talking about using this business model for ages.

      slammed for what? Giving away a free game with the ability to find for free all of the stuff they sell?

      I can't see how they'd get slammed for this. It's for a game that is getting long in the tooth, has been re-sold in various bundles over the years and now is going to be free for everyone to play, with the transactions probably just making enough for server maintenance.

      Hell I was more pissed when they released the store without making the whole game free to play. It just smacked of double dipping. But then, I like many others, had already bought the game long before then.

    Never thought I'd be saying that it'd be worth the wait, considering the timeframe, but it's times like these that I know I made the right choice with both my main FPS and my main class.

    Humor-wise, animation-wise, just the sheer (and I'm sorry I'm using the term here but I can't think of another word right now) awesomeness-wise, this thing exceeds my expectations and then some.

    Free-to-Play doesn't concern me, but I do hope that people who paid for it get some kind of benefit. Playing the game by itself is a benefit, but it'd be kinda cool, you know?

    Also where are the beta medic weps dammit.

    And hey, the BLU Heavy didn't die this time!


    Handle... the? Pure! Awesome...

    Judging by the rising quality of their Meet The Team shorts, I expect Meet the Pyro to be the most glorious thing on the internet, ever.

      I now want Meet the Pyro to simply be a ten second clip of the Pyro waving at the camera with a muffled "hello!"

    Hmm, the Quick-Fix is very OP. I can see that getting nerfed real quick.

      Its got no over-heal!

      Just take out the medic first, and the rest will fall.

        Dude, no overheal is not exactly much of a negative when you have 40% extra heal rate, 25% faster uber chargerate, the ubercharge bonus of 300%healing and immunity to movement impairing (read; turrets) and being able to move as fast as your target.

        Medic w/ Quick Fix + Scout = CTF rape

          personally i find this weapon severely lacking... underpowered if anything

    People who already own the game receive a hat. No surprises there.


    I love Valve (l)


    Even if we have to wait while, Valve sure does deliver.

    Absolutely awesome. Please make a full TF2 movie. :P

      A TF movie would be awesome.

    Just need to have one done about The Pyro now...

    I'm a little disappointed, because I love the medic so much. I thought there would be more purity of awesomeness :(

    Doves. Awesome.

    As a die-hard Medic player, I was thoroughly impressed by this.

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