Metal Gear Creator Introduces His New ‘Fox Engine,’ Teases New Multiplatform Game

Metal Gear Creator Introduces His New ‘Fox Engine,’ Teases New Multiplatform Game
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Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, didn’t announce any new games at Konami’s pre-E3 2011 press conference today—though he did announce new versions of his older games. Instead, Kojima introduced us to the new Fox Engine.

Kojima told interviewer Mark MacDonald of 8-4 that developer Kojima Productions began creating the multiplatform engine shortly after the completion of Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PlayStation 3. Kojima indicates that the Fox Engine is designed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, at the very least, and is indicative of the developer’s future direction.

“Until now, we have been developing games for exclusively for specific platforms, but in the future, we look to go more global,” Kojima says. “We are paving the road to go multiplatform for future titles.”

Kojima says he hopes to use the Fox Engine for an “upcoming unannounced game” and that the images and video released today do not necessarily represent a game currently in development. Konami has released three images of the Fox Engine in action, which can be seen in the gallery above, along with Kojima’s interview.


  • MGS5 confirmed.


    • a little early to tell, isn’t it? the screens’ resolutions aren’t exactly large enough for you to discern any flaws in it.

      and at least it’s not brown/grey.

    • Yep… being a PC gamer it’s pretty disappointing really. Kinda got that “days of our lives” glow happening and everything looks massively overdone and fake.

      Though this is a multi-platform engine so for console gaming it looks to be an upgrade. Also it’s only a few screenshots so probably too early to be judging it… but consider it judged anyway!

  • OOOOOOOhhhhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I see what Kojimas got up his sleeve – looks very interesting and finally a new series from Kojima Productions (that new game looks like Snake Eater+FarCry2+openworldsurvivaladventure). I truly love MGS, but it has to end somewhere. I only one more numbered MGS game (after rising), and finish off the story with something that makes us fans talk about it for years. And stop going on about “graphics arent good enough so the games sux” – I thought we got passed that shit back in the ninties (when PC’s were shit)NEXT

  • I hope he makes another survival-focused game. I loved Snake Eater and I’m looking forward to the new Tomb Raider because they hinted there would be at least ‘a little’ survival type gameplay… I want more

  • after all, this photo of fox engine

    support; direct x11,or open Gl&

    depth of field ‘DOF’

    Dynamically shadowed image-based reflections

    Subsurface scattering

    global illuminatation

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