Metal Gear Solid And Flower Photography

The E3 trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D shows off the game's new "Camouflage Photo System" and gyro features in action. There's even a special guest star from Nintendo.

While MGS Hideo Kojima won't be attending this year's E3, Snake Eater 3D will be playable.


    i wonder if the graphics are better then what they were on the PS2

    With my love of MGS that makes me do crazy things, I can see myself buying a 3DS just for this game.

    Also, love the ending!

    now im torn between getting a 3ds for this, or waiting for the hd remake for my ps3. either way the wait'll be long

    that music sounds so much like atols

    Dunno if anyones curious to know but this game was released a second time with Subsistence, third time with the MGS: Essential Collection, will be released a fourth time for the 3DS and a fifth time for the HD port.....not that a game as stupendous as this doesn't deserve it of course

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