Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Hits PS3 and 360 In November

Good news everyone! Konami is releasing the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - a collection which contains Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and Peace Walker to both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

News from Konami's pre-E3 conference states that all three games will be playable in 1080p. In addition PS3 owners will be able to partake in save game exchanges between the existing PSP version and the console version. 360 owners won't be able to use this feature for obvious reasons.

Despite the fact that Peace Walker was designed specifically for the PSP - the controls will be adapted for the more sophisticated dual stick controls of both the PS3 and 360 controllers.


    MGS3 was amazing, I never got to play MGS2 and Peacewalker was always tempting me on the PSP so this a definite pick up!

      I was hoping for an HD Twin Snakes though. I understand why it's not there, but still.

      I started playing Peacewalker just a few days ago. It is one of the most amazing titles I've ever played. Ever. I'm glad this is getting a port

    Best news ever!!!

    Portable Ops? Not the the strongest in the series, but still excellent. Would've benefited from a console release.

    Awesome! Now nobody has an excuse to not play it. Unless you're a PC only guy. I digress. Was there any word on splitscreen/online play for Peacewalker?

    This news came just before I put a bid in on a PS2 console, just so I could play these games.

    Thanks for the timely reveal; I might bide my time... :)



    Since NGP is capable of graphics close to PS3/Xbox360 (on a smaller screen). Will the pack available on NGP too?

    I would love to play Zone of Enders 2 on the go

    Nice! This and the Silent Hill collections are instant buys for me. MGS2 is still top 10 for me. I wonder if they will be the substance versions or the originals..

    Excellent news, these are all the MGS games that I haven't played in one bundle.

    MGS3 is the one coming out for the 3DS though, right? Probably won't be getting it anymore if that's the case. :P

    Why not include an HD remake of MGS? It's by far the best game in the series.

    Although, It'll be nice to eat those packs of dried MGS3 ramen in HD - the "food of the future".

      Would haver grabbed it if it had part one as well.

      But it seems like they just grabbed random titles?

      Think I might look for the excellent PS2 collection released a few years back instead.

        MGS1 is already available on the PS3 and PSP, with cross-platform saves. I think they're just trying to roll up the games so that they're all available on modern platforms.

    I just screamed. In my office. Really loudly.

    I am now air-punching.



    Hideo! You said there's nothing to announce and this...? Good news, indeed!

    No MGS/Twin Snakes in the collection. But hey, MGS2/3 are good enough for me


    But seriously, no MSGS1? :(

    Great. How about some Trophies for MGS4??

      I think you can give up on's been 3 years in 9 days..if they aren't there now I doubt they will ever be.

    I've never played any MGS, and my friend has been bugging me to do it too... Would've been definitely picking this up if it had number 1 in it as well, but now... Not so sure really...

      I'm guessing the point is to make them all PS3 compatible (Metal Gear Solid 1, a PS1 game, is already compatible with a PS3 console)

    Trophies/Achievements? if so, insta BUY

    MGS1 is on the PSN as a PSONE classic isn't it?

    Probably why its not getting upscaled. Probably too much work involved to upscale and HD remake a PS1 game..

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD EFFING SOLD! My favorite MGS game in HD. Hell yes!

    Hopefully they announce MGS is also getting an upgrade for the anniversary.

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