Michael J. Fox Returns For Back To The Future's Final Episode

A.J. LoCasio's virtuoso Marty McFly has anchored Telltale Games' Back to the Future through its first four episodes, and will do so again in the fifth. That doesn't mean there's no room for the character's original actor.

Michael J. Fox is featured in the series' conclusion, "Outatime," due for the PC and Mac on June 23. Mum's the word on who his character is, but it's probably a good guess from this video he's one of McFly's ancestors.

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Michael J. Fox Lends His Voice in Back to the Future: The Game Finale [1Up]


    That's absolutely great to hear. Looking forward to it.

    This series totally sucked donkey balls. No joke. An insult to back to the future and gaming in general. Make a fookin real back to the future game ffs

      I've never played it but with Bob Gale being heavily involved and praising the series I can't help but think you're way off saying it's 'an insult to back to the future'.

        I was really excited for it, played the first episode and thought it was garbage. I haven't bothered to play the rest because how bad the first one was made me not have any interest anymore.

    Sounds like a shakey start to the series conclusion

      dude... thats bad..... i mean seriously... bad


      tasteless in the sense that Michael J. Fox is a truely nice human being.

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