Microsoft Sounding Out Developers For Free-to-Play Xbox 360 Games?

From Develop comes a rumour that Microsoft is now contacting studios "to discuss possible free-to-play game deals," while it builds an operating system for the 360 that incorporates a microtransaction service.

Develop says Microsoft offered no comment when contacted about the plans. The report attributed the rumour to "several sources connected to the matter."

This sounds much like what was rumoured about three months ago, when IGN said Microsoft would be bringing free-to-play games to the service sometime in 2012. Yesterday's announcement that the beloved Team Fortress 2 was moving to a free-to-play model also tilts the industry further in this direction.

Xbox 'Begins Dev Support for Free-to-Play' [Develop]


    Free to play for GOLD members?

      That 25c a day really sends me to the cleaners.

    They're almost certainly bringing this up now because of TF2.

    But with F2P games does F2P updates come aswell? I'd say completely updating TF2 from the beginning on Xbox would in one foul swoop

    1. Ruin the game


    2. Confuse the shit out of people.

    You know before it came to Kinect and became a full priced game they where going to give us Joyride for Free.

      They should have. The game is garbage!

    not like i cant affort $50 a year, just knowing ps3 has similar service for free makes me jealous.

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