Microsoft Sympathizes With Sony Over PSN Attack

During the PSN outage, myself and Nick Broughall over at Gizmodo openly wondered why Microsoft hadn't done more to take advantage of the situation, but now, via Industry Gamers, Dennis Durkin, COO and CFO of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, discussed the situation, and seemed to sympathize with Sony rather than gloat.

"It’s bad for the industry that this has happened to Sony. It’s very, very bad," he said. "It’s very damaging. So we don’t wish that upon anybody and you've seen we’ve been actually pretty quiet on the subject because we don’t want to appear to even be looking to be taking advantage of somebody else’s situation like that. That’s just not in our DNA."

It makes sense on a number of levels. Consumer confidence in cloud services is paramount if Microsoft, as it has indicated, wants to move its business in that direction. Any attempt to draw attention to the failings of online security is, essentially, damaging to Microsoft's own business - even if it is a direct competitor's failing.

Do Microsoft still have your confidence? Or has the PSN outage shaken you up to the extent that you're afraid to store your details on any service?

Xbox COO on PSN and Hacking: We Do Everything We Can to Protect Xbox Live Data [Industry Gamers]


    Nah, is OK.

      Also, he sounds so nice. Award him Kudos this week!!

        That would amusing actually. Presenting Microsoft with a sonic statue, he hheee.

        I posted on the wrong comment -_________-

      You know, Microsoft (even though it is financially mighty and all powerful) is very empathetic. They even agreed to double Adam Zamoyski's donation fund to help cure his Leukemia (marrow brothers article). Microsoft really isn't a bad company, not at all. Many of these recent articles just boast of the company's kindness...they're trying to get that sonic trophy, I just know it.

        Bill Gates is a very giving man, and it's he who drives the culture of that company.

    I actually have confidence in both online systems.

    I wonder if there was a DDoS attack on the PSN last night. It seemed a bit sketchy from about 11pm (Adelaide time) onwards with drop outs on and off.

      That would have been, 9:30ish in Perth? If so i didnt notice drop outs and managed to play LBP2 with a mate of mine and Call of the Dead online fine, and got off to go to bed at about 1am

    I said it then and I'll say it now.

    The best thing Microsoft can do is be the better man. They don't want to look like they're taking advantage of Sony's weakened position - it would be terrible for their PR, and they're already at an advantage with no effort expended.

      Yep, spot on.

      In addition to that, they know that anybody can get hacked. If they came out and gloated about the Sony situation then they'd look like complete and utter knobs if they then got hacked themselves.

        It'd pretty much encourage Lulsec and whoever else to go after them.

        I disagree. Not everyone can get hacked. A bit of common sense is all that it requires. For example, use bind variables and statement pre-compilation in your data access layer instead of strings so you don't incur the wrath of little jimmy "drop" table via SQL injection.

      Chik-Fil-A, a fast food chain in the US took the same approach. When their competitors were gutted by mad cow disease, they could have marketed the shit out of their chicken but simply chose not to because it was in bad taste.

    Or they could be seen as another target if they talk themselves up and then have to admit they were also hacked.

    It was all sounding great until I got to the bit about DNA.

    Thank you Microsoft. +1 respects.

    respect total is now at -19.


    The only thing that the PSN hack made me realise was how terrible I am at online security.

    Seriously, I had the same password, username and email address for almost every site including PayPal. Not to mention the same 2 security questions.

    Since the hack I've invested in some pretty good password software and systematically changed all of my passwords and questions.

    As for Microsoft, I say well done. It definitely instills a little faith in the consumer when a company exercises basic decency. Well, in this consumer anyway.

      lol i do the same thing (usernames and passwords) but i separated social from general/more formal with two email accounts just to stop cross over, not to mention i find it annoying and hard to remember individual logins and passwords over many sites, especially when i need to clear the cookies in the browser and didnt have the login saved (cbf emailing forgotten passwords)

      But then again, i only provide the very basic of information when signing up for anything.

        Just takes one site to get hacked though and they have the details to heaps of services.

      Yeah I had to change them all up too, I have different levels of passwords now, some for the secure sites, like banking and PayPal, some for general sites like, and then the crappy ones that I don't care about. I change them regularly now too.

    Good on ya MS :D

    I changed my passwords on a number of services as username/passwords were similar...

    I have confidence in both, but because of my purchasing decisions I only havae credit card details stored against 360. After my 2y bought a games on demand game, I should have removed that also!

    It's the decent way to act for sure but it's also a sensible way to behave. Gloating over Sony would be both tempting fate and asking for trouble.

    I would hope that Microsoft is far smarter in this arena though. As stated, they have a lot riding on their cloud strategy, have extensive data housing experience etc. I'd be way more surprised it MSFT got hacked than Sony.

    As much as the whole "not taking advantage" approach is more passively taking advantage, or it could be that the whole irony and egg-on-face that would happen if they got hacked would be bad, he isn't wrong, it is bad for th whole industry.

    PC, PS3, 360, we're all online gamers. Nintendo's technically connected, but damned if anybody can figure out what for :P

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