Microsoft's E3 2011 Website Outs Halo 4 And More

Microsoft's E3 2011 briefing isn't until 9.30am Pacific. Someone forgot to tell the guys that, because for a brief moment, fans caught a glimpse of Halo 4.

Dance Central 2, Halo 4, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Kinect Star Wars and more appeared in name only this morning, the links attached to the name leading to error pages. After a quick refresh the page reverted to its original teasing state, but not before I managed to snap a screenshot.

For more news on these games and more, be sure to stay tuned for Microsoft's proper E3 2011 reveal later this morning.

Thanks Larry for passing along the link!


    9:30 Easter? Man, you've been sitting on this one a while!

    Awesome Halo 4 Footage

      well played sir

    Looks like Bungie just couldn't help themselves...

      You do realise that Bungie don't work for MS anymore, yeah?

    Haters are gonna hate

    I love halo! At least they never slap the same coat of paint on every new title and say its new

    Plus there is only 8 halo titles ( halo ce, halo 2, halo 3, halo odst, halo wars, halo reach)

    Look how many cods or marios or zelda or final fantasy .. Ect

    So seriously shut up its going to be epic and a breathe of fresh air as a new studio is taking over!

      OR it could be made for Kinect, and therefore be the bestest game ever: fusing the power of one of the greatest games of all time together with the awesome innovation that is Kinect.
      Like Star Wars Kinect then.

      "At least they never slap the same coat of paint on every new title and say its new"

      ... you really believe that don't you?

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