Microsoft’s New Official 360 Steering Wheel Cuts The Cord

Microsoft’s New Official 360 Steering Wheel Cuts The Cord

There’s been a wired Xbox 360 steering wheel for years now. I should know, there’s one in my closet gathering dust. There’s now a wireless Xbox 360 steering wheel. Think Mario Kart’s plastic wheel, only a lot more expensive.

Due out in October, and priced at $US60, it’s an… interesting looking peripheral. While being released with Forza 4 in mind, Microsoft claims it’ll work with all existing driving games, though with the caveat that in some titles there will be “limited functionality”.

While it looks like Nintendo’s plastic wheel, it’s not motion-controlled (no mention was made of that in the wheel’s press release), as it looks like you can attach (look at the pics of the unit’s bottom) it to something of your choosing instead of lugging around its own cumbersome base.

It’s also got haptic feedback and rumble.






  • The green on the edges are really unappealing. It’s not like they use green that often these days – so why go back to it NOW?

    • I don’t think the greens ends are a stylistic choice.

      To me that says, “It’s bright green so Kinect can easily track it.”

      It’s not motion controlled right? I think this is a Kinect Peripheral. I think it looks okay. I’d prefer to try it before I buy it though.

      Another interesting point though, is that as this isn’t attached to a base it can turn left and right, BUT, also move forward and backward… Could have more than automotive applications.

      Isn’t the H.A.W.X. series a Tom Clancy franchise? And aren’t all Tom Clancy games going to support Kinect functionality henceforth?

      • Kind of a random reply.. but I don’t think this is a Kinect accessory.

        WHY you ask? Well less than 12 months, actually to THIS day, MS are marketing Kinect with YOU being the controller.
        I thought that was the point or approach they were rollin with.

        For THEMSELVES to release an accessory seems quite hypocritical, a major step back for their marketing team. But hey, they probably saw, quite late in the race TBH, how much money Nintendo and possibly Sony are making off their extra controllers and accessories.

        I expected something like this from a third-party developer or someone like MadCatz but not MS themselves IF its a Kinect device.

    • Wireless just means it’s not connected to the console via a cable (as many others were)

      I’m just curious how this works. It doesn’t have a base, nor look like it’s supposed to clamp on anything, so how’s the steering work?

  • Design looks pretty slick but I’m not convinced using it in game will be a good experience. I have the steering wheel that is wireless (to the console but requires a power pack) and it works well although it does need more rotation. If I can’t be bothered to drag it out then I’d just use the controller.

    Maybe this is aimed for people who haven’t jumped into buying the wheel yet, sort of an enticing middle ground??

    Personally I’d prefer them to add support for a Logitech G27 setup, these guys know how to make racing peripherals. Not going to happen I know but it would be nice.

    • Hell yes, if they released drivers for the Driving Force GT wheel, they’d get an instant sale of forza 4 and kinect from me

    • Your comment instantly reminds me of the u-force gaming peripheral and look how that turned out.

  • Let’s see if I understand Microsof’s thinking:
    1. You must be standing to use Kinect.
    2. You hold this ugly excuse for an interface in front of you and “steer” with it.
    3. You arms become painfully sore within 30 seconds so you throw this thing in the trash, sit down and enjoy your Dual Shock 3?

    • You don’t have to stand with Kinect – it depends on what the developer has programmed for the gameplay result they want.
      This wheel is no different to holding a controller as it is now – it doesn’t rely on Kinect.

      You should continue to enjoy your DualShock3 – me, I find the thumbsticks too close together but the beauty of the industry as it is at the moment is that there are options – choose the one you like and go with it.

      • Your right! My bad. In my mad rush to consume all the E3 news while working, I imagined this thing was built for Kinect.

        I *guess* you could rest it on your lap and rock it from side to side. LOL!!!!! OMG that’s still more than a bit shit!

    • It has haptic feedback which means that unless the thing can fly it’s not a Kinect accessory.

  • I just cried.
    I have been waiting very, very patiently for a force feedback wheel for xbox 360. And now this.
    So do I have to resign myself to a 2nd hand unit or save some more for a fanatec?

  • the fact that it’s got forza 4 in mind worries me for forza 4… it’s it ‘meant ‘ to be a sim?

  • Do people actually think before they speak?

    It’s got nothing to do with Kinect… it’s a steering wheel with a better range of motion than a controller. I don’t get sore arms holding a controller… why would I with this? I can still rest the base in my lap and rotate it…

    Makes sense to me as I want a better range of motion than a controller and I don’t have a table etc to clamp a standard wheel onto.

    Forza is still a ‘sim’ – use your current controller and stop reading into this stuff so much looking for faults that don’t exist.

    So much dislike towards so many things today from E3 – MS, Sony and Nintendo can’t please everyone all the time – I think gamers should focus more on the positives than commenting like entitled spoilt brats to every announcement they find minute fault with…

    • To clarify – I also don’t think that the Kotaku community is at all generally negative… I normally get this frustrated after perusing IGN… I really need to stop going to the site, I can’t stand that the editors think it is OK to post their own articles claiming what they want or what should be fixed or why something is a fail.
      Hard for an industry to grow maturely when a major news outlet is constantly tearing it down…

  • Highly aesthetically appealing, though it appears as though it would have less utility as opposed a standard video game steering wheel set up.

    Kind of looks like some sort of faux-Art Nouveau, as though it were some futurists conception of both a sex toy and central surround media hub 50 years hence. Can picture is being suspended in the centre of a glass display box, stripped of all logos, at a party full of new money yuppies and drop out philosophy students.

    That said, I do want one, and don’t even play an Xbox.

  • Uh, i have had a force feedback, wireless wheel for the 360 for years now. It needs a power pack to do force feedback, but other than that its so awesome for dirt, baja, grid and forza!

    • ^ This

      My G27 kicks the shit out of everything out there. Be nice to use it with my 360 as well.

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