Minecraft Coming To Xbox With Kinect

This fall, says Microsoft, indie favourite Minecraft will be coming to Xbox, complete with Kinect motion controls.


    This I like. I like alot.

    well this does look interesting and i will be purchasing this when it comes out. the fact that it will be Kinect compatible is mind blowing. i am not sure how this will work all i picture is me standing there flailing my arms like im mining LOL.

    Will I have to rebuy the game, or will my purchase already be counted? Probably the former, hopefully there will be a discount or something though.

    I hope Kinect is an option, not a prerequisite. I'm lazy and would rather site there with a controller than flail about like an idiot!

    Awesome, simply awesome. I wonder if it will be a full title or an arcade title?

      hey Mulet,
      I read on minecraftforum.net that it is an arcade title coming out this winter

    WTF? I think this would be very, very, very weird. Minecraft should stay on PC. That way you can mod :D But seriously though, this is stupid. It would feel weird, chopping to mine and flailing to fight. Also, how would you open the menus without keys?

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