Minimalist Video Game Cover Art Is Minimalist

Minimalism - an object stripped down to its barest essentials. This is the direct opposite of video game cover art, which is usually designed to feature as many explosions as possible. But what if cover art was stripped down? What if it was minimalist? It might look a little like some of these covers by Frank Russo.

It's an interesting project that is ongoing. Typically, for a minimalist project that is minimal, the about section in minimal.

Hi, my name is Frank Russo and I’m a big fan of videogames culture.

So I design posters based on the most successful videogames ever. Enjoy!

Here are some of my personal favourites, but be sure to head to the site to check out some of the others.


    Nice, I like these.

    The Homeworld one is stunning. Ditto for Alan Wake.

    I love these!

    I'm personally not a big fan, although Warcraft is ok. The word "Warcraft" is a bad font though.

      Yeah, the font isn't great. The design is very smart, though.

    Some are rather clever, others are either generic or too obscure. Then again, minimalist art has always seemed like a cop out to me.

    Wow. People cream their pants over anything minimalist these days. Some of these are effective, others are far too reliant on branding and convey nothing about the game. Gran Turismo for instance - whilst the elements used in the logo are distinctive, they in no way encapsulate anything about the game. It could be about police cars or ambulances for all the relevance a blue and red bar will have.

    Dead Space's cover is similarly awful.

      I think you're missing the point here. Those two covers stood out as being the best for me, simply because of the memories invoked using only the simplest means with which to convey them. These are made for fans of the game. Seeing the title and image used on the 'cover' came across as an 'Aha!' moment for me with most of these games. The Metal Gear Solid ones were wicked too. I take it you wanted screenshots on the cover instead?

        It is interesting in how people view these images in different ways. They actually work really well as art and, as said, they evoke good memories from those who've played the games. However as advertising for the games they wouldn't work at all! It's probably down to me watching too much Gruen Transfer but there's a sliding scale between making an ad artistic or effective. Remember the PS3 ads with

    The ones you have up are certainly the highest quality ones. The rest are under-developed concepts at best that, rather ironically, need further thought in order to make them interesting, and most importantly sellable, minimal designs.

    Yeah look, some are trying too hard, some aren't trying at all, but there are a few that are quite good.

    Minimalism doesn't have to be so literal. To me, this approach just seems amateurish.

    The use of colours and a singular image to describe a game couldn't be done much better, I don't think. Any more detail and folk would be crying foul for the artist not giving his audience enough respect. I love these concepts for what they are, simple and effective nods to classic games. They weren't designed as advertisements, nor covers. Nowhere on the site does it state this.
    I guess, like all minimalist art, it's a high-end concept using low-end means to convey it. Of course it's going to split opinion.

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