Modern Warfare 3 Shoots The Lights Out On Jimmy Fallon

As promised, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon has kicked off his video game week with footage of Modern Warfare 3.

Sadly, there's not much to see. Much of the singleplayer footage has been seen before, and the audio has been totally washed out by Activision and Fallon giving a sales pitch of infomercial standards.

At least the multiplayer part is a little more interesting, if only because Simon Pegg is involved.


    This is just painful to watch.

    Poor Simon Pegg just sitting, forgotten in the corner.

    Sometimes, I wish I could be like that with games. When people's jaws drop every time they shoot an enemy and visibly try to dodge blows by leaning makes the game look really fun and amazing.

    But I know it isn't. Somehow doing what you love the most (playing games) can make you really difficult to impress. I can only imagine the complete nonchalance of a fighter pilot zooming along at over 800km/h in a craft that costs several dozen people their yearly wage and thinking what he's going to do for dinner.

    That was HORRIBLE, i mean 30 seconds of new footage and we only see one gun..... or two if you count the 1887 which was picked up by simon.

    They make me hate this game. Still on the fence, but this, this makes me hate it.

    jimmy fallon obviously has never played a cod game.

      I agree, he sucked balls, and what is with him not picking up the shotgun.

    same game as the last 4 :|

    cod4 was the best one.

    Now I really don't want the game...not that I was gonna get it to begin with. lol

    Jimmy Fallon is just so much fun

    Alright Mark, the jig is up! Did you really think we'd believe you skateboarded into a pole at 30km/h?? :P

    This game is going to sell well :)

    looks exactly the same as every other cod for the past 4 years. OVER IT. bring on BF3 hopefully it isnt linked to this stupid origin thing because i already own steam and dont want to have to remember another account/PW

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