More Details On The HD Versions Of Ico And Shadow Of The Colossus

More Details On The HD Versions Of Ico And Shadow Of The Colossus

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment revealed that the HD versions of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will both be out on September 22 in Japan.

Each is priced at ¥3,980 (US$49).

There is also a limited edition box that comes with both games as well as a special booklet compiled by Japanese magazine Brutus that looks at game creator Fumito Ueda, his previous games, and his upcoming title, The Last Guardian. It is priced at ¥6,980 ($87).

The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD versions were supposed to be out this spring, but were delayed, along with The Last Guardian.

Check out Kotaku‘s impressions from either this year and a conversation with Ueda himself.


『ICO』『ワンダと巨像』 の発売日が2011年9月22日決定、数量限定スペシャルボックスも登場 [ファミ通.com]


  • Christ… that’s expensive. US $49 each is about the same as a brand new game. They’d better have got them looking REALLY nice…

  • Shadow of the Colossus is my favourite game of all time. I really want this HD version. It’ll probably look nicer and play smoother.

    But I will admit I’m still sour I can’t just play my original PS2 copies of these games on my PS3… Ico and SotC are the only PS2 games I own!

    Anyways, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.

    But COME ON, how could both Oblivion and Read Dead Redemption have gotten horses so wrong after SotC was already out! I just, ugh, I don’t get it.

    Okay sure, catching your own horse may have seemed cool in RDR and yes it was another thing you could choose to do! But like… The horses were killable, sometimes all to easily killable. And it made any relationship you might form with your four-legged companion moot as you didn’t want to invest in something that could so easily die. SOmetimes as a result of a BUG…

    Had John Marston rode about on his own horse, or better yet, a horse that belonged to his son, there would be a nice reminder for both the player and the character as to why you’re running errands for everyone in the wild west.

    Errands that often involve copious amounts of brutal murder. That you’re running so you might one-day, save your family.

    Heck do the Fallout, “Your horse is unconscious!” deal. And have upgrades you can buy. Better horse shoes, a better saddle. If a new set of clothes can improve your aim or fool the law then people will buy ‘horse shoes make your horse go faster.’

    Then you have a character, your horse, who is with you form beginning ’till end. A single constant in the always changing world of RDR. It worked wonders in SotC, in which Agro the horse was often your only companion in a big world.

    But I suppose Rockstar have never really struck that fine balance between cohesive story and bloated with features.

    Ahhh, Apologies for the rant. I just played the Duke Nukem Forever demo… It wasn’t great…

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