Mother Accused Of Beating Son To Death After Wii Game Breaks TV

Mother Accused Of Beating Son To Death After Wii Game Breaks TV

A 21-year old Bronx woman has been charged with murder and manslaughter after the death of her five year-old son, killed after he “broke the television while playing Nintendo Wii”.

Kim Crawford stands accused of murdering Jamar Johnson after telling police she struck him on the chest and back “harder than I’ve ever hit him” when told he had broken the family TV set while playing a Wii game.

The incident took place on June 13, yet it took five days of agonizing pain – during which Crawford refused to take her son to the hospital out of fear for what she had done – before the boy succumbed to massive internal injuries and passed away.

New York Police say that the accused has prior arrests for assault and drug use, while officers had been called to the family home nine times since 2006 to attend reports of “domestic incidents” between Crawford and the boy’s father.

Mom charged with murder of 5-year-old son beat child to death because he broke the TV: prosecutors [NY Daily News]


  • That’s just sickening. Placing her own well-being in front of her own children’s health.
    Further reading the article She shouldn’t have been the children’s caretaker in the first place…

    God rest Jamar’s soul.

  • Taco that is so senseless and yet i can’t help but see the humour in it. Hope she gets locked up for child neglect/Grevious bodily harm occasioning death and then finds out what its like to be in another castle.

    • At first I felt a little bad but then you made me laugh 😛

      Really though, I’m just amazed that she could have hit him so hard that she caused internal injuries like that.

  • This is one very sad story. 🙁

    Punishment of any kind doesn’t help this situation, what failed this situation was preventing it. Where was the support network to help prevent this lady from breaking down to a point where she did what she did.

    Everyone looks for the simple answer they don’t look for the solution.

    It used to be, it took a couple to make a baby but a village to raise them, now you end up with no support, breaking down and these things happening.

    Horrible, just horrible. 🙁

    • Y’know what?


      Some parents, single parents included, raise their kids without a support network.
      And they do an outstanding job of it.

      Some people are just broken… and that’s all there is to it. In this instance she had the option of taking her child to hospital… and didn’t.

      • Damn Straight dude,

        If you need a support network to tell you not to hit your child as to cause “agonizing pain”, its already too late. Common Sense is free and shouldnt need a aupport network to figure out.

  • The kid was in agonising pain, literally slowly dying for FIVE days?!
    That’s just utterly disgusting.
    That’s all I have to say.

  • This is certainly a FUBAR case indeed.
    Also don’t TVs cost like 50$ these days?

    Anyways im sure she will have a great TV in prison or in hell or wherever she ends up.
    (Buried is preferable)

  • RIP Jamar Johnson. If it went down as reported above then this is one of the saddest gaming related news stories I’ve ever heard. A dead 5 year old for any reason is just bad bad news.

  • “The incident took place on June 13, yet it took five days of agonizing pain – during which Crawford refused to take her son to the hospital out of fear for what she had done – before the boy succumbed to massive internal injuries and passed away.”

    wtf. I give up.


    (also the accused has a history of violence and drug-use)

  • Another piece of evidence demonstrating that people should be forced to pass a set of tests, and related competency checks to be allowed to procreate.

    It’s hard to administer this for new parents, but we can get in for the repeat offenders. If you kill/neglect/abandon/warp your 1st child, the government comes in and takes possession of your testicles/ovaries till you’re competent enough to acquire the parenting license, then they implant them back in.

    In case you think I’m serious, obviously I’m exaggerating my viewpoint for the cause of black comedy, but this kind of story, to put it mildly makes me somewhat… abso-f*bleep*cking-lutely pi*bleep*ed-off disgusted…


    (Spot the guy who never wants to have kids because of his own horrible neurosis over ruining their lives.)

    • It’s probably one of the things that infuriates me the most. Gay people aren’t allowed to get marriage or have children under most circumstances because Bible bashers and politicians think it will be harmful to the traditional family values and children will be psychologically traumatized because of it. Yet drug addicted teens can spread their legs for any old reason and pop out a few, maybe dump them somewhere if they feel they cant look after it. I’m glad gay people can’t procreate, but we should have the right to. And how could a family fail from actual years of planning and preparation. It could never be an accident.

      • As a proud lesbro (I love that term, it’s so cheesy, but in this case accurate) and having been informed of some of the preparations a same-sex couple has to endure for a process which frankly isn’t super reliable, I absolutely and whole-heartedly agree Emma,…

        …except for the use of z in traumatised and Bible-bashers not being hyphenated.

        But seriously, who’s the more deserving recipient/shaper of a new life?

        A) Someone who implicitly or explicitly has suffered the slings and arrows of ignorance, and his charming life-mate bigotry, having to actively strive to overcome said societal obstacles in order to attain a basic level tolerance? (Don’t even thing about the real goal of non-conditional acceptance.)


        B) Someone (I don’t care which one it was) who couldn’t bother rolling the conny on properly, has absolutely no recognition of the gravitas of their mistake, the consequences, and scariest of all, doesn’t care?

        A person who experiences situation A) and still has the level of compassion to raise and nurture a child effectively is definitely going to be creating a pretty cool kidlet.

  • I hope she gets the **** beaten out of her in prison every day till she gets out.
    Making a child suffer terribly because you are scared of being in trouble for causing it is selfish and cruel.

  • 21 years old, 5 year old son.

    She would have been 16 when her kid was born.

    She has a history of drug use and violence.


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