Mother Calls EA 'Motherfuckers'

The gaming provocateur (and World of Warcraft power user) Athene says his mum wanted him to post this. It sounds like it came from the man himself, except for the part where she stutters over the pronunciation of the company's name at the beginning.

This is apparently a reaction to the twin fiascoes of Crysis 2's delisting from Steam and the big big blowup over Battlefield 3's preorder DLC, which E-E-A-Agames simmered down when it said it would offer all that shit for free down the line.

Moms and EA: It's not the warmest of relationships.


    Umm... Didn't EA and Dice Clarify what it was a couple of days ago, and that the steam delisting wasn't EA's decision?

      Apparently but if you read what they said it was more "we've done something that breaks our agreement to sell Crysis 2 on steam" but valve are not likely to come out and clarify what it was that happened. In the end the did something to remove it similar to disconnection charges on a phone contract

        This has nothing to do with breaking an agreement because of Crysis 2. Both BF3 and Alice have nothing to do with that and they are been taken off too. It's all to do with origin EA's new online distribution service they will make all their new games like The Old Republic, BF3, Alice and Crysis 2 exclusive to it.

          I am pretty sure Alice is still on Steam since I just purchased it 2 days ago.

      lol yer that's if there telling the truth :P

    Challenge everything.

      Except Trip Hawkins' wallet.

    did anybody else get a bizzare ad called "im vu" with some shit characters making out? on the border of this vid?

      No, because most people who understand the internet use adblock.

        While also people who understand the internet, also don't use it or disable it to generate income for sites they view.

    All right people move along, nothing to see here, just Athene's stupidity being genetic

    This is ridiculous, honestly does this even deserve an article, seeing how she clearly got her facts wrong. Valve delisted Crysis 2 and the pre order bonuses for Battlefield 3 will be available for download after one month, shes obviously doing this for publicity and we shouldn't give that to her...

      Not true on the steam part, apparentlly EA wasn't going to be updating the game to fix problems and such through Steam and would only do it through Origin. Essentially it left people who had bought stuff on steam screwed for any future problems

      Valve said they can't do that apparentlly and nixed it because of that
      So Valve seems to have been looking out for us

        I think the more appropriate way of looking at it is that they are looking out for themselves. It would reflect poorly on their service if their clients were not recieving patches while Origin/Retail customers are.

    Doesn't matter why or how Crysis 2 was removed from steam. The point is that EA's newer games will be coming exclusively to their Origin service. And my friends, that sucks! I don't want to end up having to sign up for 6 different distribution clients to play every different developers games!

    I don't care about the content of this article (just my choise what i read and what i dont..) but why have Motherfuckers in the heading. I read this site at work... At least have the common sense to write Mother F**kers of better yet, actually come up with a witty pun that represents the video...

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