Mr Toots Will Fart Double Rainbows In Red Faction: Armageddon

Red Faction: Guerrilla featured the Ostrich Hammer, which was pretty out there weapon and, if I may offer my own opinion, a beautiful thing. Now, as a reward for consumers downloading the Red Faction Armageddon trailer, Volition is giving the phrase 'double rainbow' a whole new meaning with Mr Toots - a weapon in the shape of a unicorn that literally reigns destruction and chaos by farting rainbows.

Double rainbow... all the way!


    oh god.. that alone makes me crave that game... i want Mr. Toots!

    Always I want to be with you...


      Make believe with you..

        And live in harmony harmony harmony

    Oh lordy - the expression on that poor creature's face is hilarious. I agree with Loops - bring it on!

      I thought it was kind of sad, it looks like it's in so much pain, I don't know if I could bear to use it.

    FreddieW made Mr Toots famous!!

    So this is what that Freddie Wong video was about...
    Can't find the youtube site at work, but check out freddie wong's youtube channel for a "real world" version.

    I thought this was a reward for downloading the demo? Or was that something else?

    Not sure how to take it to be honest, it wasn't like the first game had much humour in it. Still, it does sound like it could be interesting :P

    Now that's how you guarantee the sale of a game!!

    Volition has some great aspects to their series.

    I already love how Saints Row and Red Faction tie together, and they are brilliant at all the little secrets and easter eggs they hide away.

    I will definitely be picking this game up one day.

    The Ostrich Hammer was a wonderful bit of fan service by Volition - this is equally ace.

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