Ms 'Splosion Man To Splode On Xbox Live Arcade In July

Twisted Pixel's sequel to 2009 explosive action-platformer 'Splosion Man, the more feminine Ms 'Splosion Man, comes to Xbox Live Arcade on July 13, boasting 50 all-new singleplayer levels, 50 multiplayer levels and a "2 Girls 1 Controller" mode.


    Very fun game, anyone who liked the first will love this one :) Missus has been giving it a good thrashing the last week

    Does anyone else find that fact that this game should be called 'Splosion Woman annoying?

      Too young to know of Ms. Pac Man?

    i played the demo...even tho is about the same as the first, the movements seems weird, and it was really hard to see, too much stuff going on on screen.

    It's a miss for me

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