Zelda Concert Tour May Dip Into Canada, Ocarina Unconfirmed

Announced at E3, there will be a Legend of Zelda concert series later this year, commemorating the 25th anniversary of Link and Zelda's first adventure.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime tells Kotaku that there will be tours in Japan, Europe and North America. He is hoping that the multi-city North American one, which is the one he's involved in, will dip into Canada ("It should be do-able," he said in an interview). He's doubtful, however, that Nintendo will be able to pull off a tour of Latin America.

The company will also release a CD featuring Zelda music from the concert.

We asked if the orchestra has an ocarina. He didn't know off the top of his head. They better!

We'l have more details on the concert series, including dates and locations, when NIntendo releases that information later this year.


    Come to Melbourne! Even my girlfriend would go and see this just because she loves the music when she was younger playing OOT


    Send em down under. I'd pay to get into a Zelda concert.

    I think the Concert CD will also be packaged with Skyward Sword when it gets released later this year. =D

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