Multiple Wii U Controllers Are A Cost Issue

Multiple Wii U Controllers Are A Cost Issue

The Wii U comes with one Wii U Controller. Each console will support only one of these controllers; Kotaku broke the news that Nintendo is looking into games that support two Wii U controllers. But why is Nintendo planning to release the console with single Wii U Controller support?

“There’s a cost issue,” Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told Japanese business site Diamond Online. According to Iwata, Nintendo aims to have the console and games support one Wii U Controller.

“Technically, it is possible for the Wii U to support multiple Wii U Controllers,” Iwata said. However, this will result in a “considerable” price increase.

According to Iwata, “We’re not planning on asking our customers to buy multiple Wii U Controllers.”

Multiple Wii U Controller support makes more sense to me than, say, Wii Balance Board support.

This isn’t the first thing Nintendo has nixed from the Wii U due to price tag hikes; the Wii U will not have Blu-ray or DVD movie playback due to patent costs. Not sure if Nintendo’s smart or simply stingy.

任天堂 岩田聡社長インタビュー 「Wii Uはゲームの家庭における存在意味を変え、 ゲーム人口拡大に貢献する」 E3スペシャル(前編)|コンテンツ業界キャッチアップ [ダイヤモンド・オンライン]


  • Didn’t everyone already know this from day one? Well at least when they said every controller would have a 6.5″ touch screen.

    I can just imagine 4 player split-screen only being for the wealthy, stupid or both.

    • How about when 3 of your mates come over and bring the controllers that they, not you, paid for?

  • Cut wii balance board, make less games with wiimote support, and just stick with multiple WiiU controllers.

    That being said, if say I broke my WiiU control, will there be others on the shelf to get it replaced? or do I need to order it specially from Nintendo?

  • Bandwidth also potentially becomes an issue if the wii u is streaming data to the controller. But we’d have to hear more details on how the controller and system interact to be sure.

  • I can’t believe it doesn’t have DVD playback support. That’s crazy. It’s just asking to be homebrewed.

    • Why would we need another dvd player! Far out stop complaining about it not having a dvd player people, it would make the console unnecessarily more expensive. It supports an external HDD for media. F*cking whiners!

  • Someone pointed this out in a similar article, but since Nintendo is a pure video gaming company (unlike Microsoft and Sony), they don’t have anything to fall back on if things go sour: wasn’t this the main reason that Nintendo consoles are always designed for “profit-first”?

  • Soooooo… does this mean no local multiplayer? If Nintendo keeps the stupid friend code system no one will play multiplayer on the Wii U.

    Persobally I also loves me some local multiplayer, wii was really good for that (mario kart, smash bros, new super mario bros). It’s a shame if the Wii U won’t support that.

    • More likely the Wii U controller will make use of only a fraction of its capabilities so that the other players who are using Wiimotes or Classic Controllers aren’t disadvantaged.

  • Lack of multiple WiiU controller support is a bit of a bummer. Even if most people couldn’t afford to buy two, this would stop us bringing our controllers over to our mate’s houses for a bit of Co-op.

    Don’t really care about lack of DVD/Blu Ray support, though. Blu Ray can’t be cheap and I don’t think anyone needs ANOTHER DVD player.

  • Always been telling my friends that this is exactly why they had it only supporting one controller because if it supported more everyone would be going “Oh come on Nintendo, you expect us t shell out how much to play multiplayer! Frak you!”

  • I would say its a bit of both. There making a console that they want to sell. The idea of it is to get people to buy it, and there games for it, so why would they bother with a DVD or Blu-Ray playback if its going to cost more?

    I relly don’t see a problem. Nintendo are not trying to be the one console you have. There trying to be the seconded console.

    You pick between a 360 or a PS3, and then get a Wii for the family. It will still be the same thing for the Wii U, so putting that stuff in would make it more expensive.

      • ummm its been confirmed that the wii u is backwards compatible with all games and accessories for the wii sooo yeeehhhh

        • Why would you shell out another $400-500+ (initially at least) just to play your existing Wii 576i/480p games using your existing non-motion-plus remotes? Just keep your Wii. I, however, would want new 1080p Wii U games with multi player support for everybody. Mmmm.. 4-player Raving Rabids 1080p *drools*

  • As I said on an earlier post, This has been obvious to me from the moment they showed the controller.

    Nobody is gonna be ok with buying the console and then picking up a 2nd controller for what turns out to cost 80% what they payed for the console in the first place…

  • Too bad that some games will need multiple control schemes to cover WiiPad, Remote/Nunchuck or Classic Controller depending on number of players and the controllers they have. Way to keep it simple!

  • If this was anyone other than nintendo, their would be outrage!

    Nintendo fanboys are the most irational fanboys out there. They could anounce dildo controllers and you would proclaim this as the most fantastic innovation ever, from a company who can do no wrong.


    How much crap did sony cop for the sixasis because it wasn’t a dual shock. Or how much crap did microsoft get for the sub-par d pads. But Nintendo says you can’t even use 2 pads at the same time and everyone says thats fine -because your great Nintendo! Roll over boys, Iwata wants some ass.

    • But Nintendo fanboys pale in comparison to fanboys like you.

      Oh and other fanboys are not the same? How many xbots complained about kinect? How many playstation fanboys complained about move? Both technology they released to compete with Nintendos Wii. We’ll add hypocrite to the list of how to describe these people.

      If they did allow second controllers im sure you fanboys would be out complaining how expensive the controller is and how Nintendo charge too much. The Wii U Controller is a direct part of the console. Its not like other standard controllers. The connection is much more ‘intimate’. Sure i would have liked to get another but if these things cost over $100 then maybe that would put off alot of people and not make it mass market friendly.

      Besides, the Wii U is compatible with all Wii controllers, so Wii Motes, Nunchucks and Classic controllers are all compatible, you can have local multiplayer experiences like you do on the 360 and ps3 buy using the Wii controllers. So if you owned the Wii you wont have to spend any more to get local multiplayer. However you get a something different thanks to the touch screen controller, which will allow a FIFTH person to play and play a different type of game. Can you do that on the other consoles? Hell No. But you fanboys will still find a reason to bitch and moan.

      Besides the only thing you lose is the ability to do the touch screen on two controllers simultaneously. Sure that would be a nice ability but atleast the single player experience will be unique.

      The Wii U isnt perfect, the lack of dual Wii U controllers is a loss i agree but it still is a step up from what you get on the other consoles. 5 player multiplayer? Yes please.

      • Don’t want to single you guys out – but here at Kotaku AU, we don’t tend to get involved in these pointless flame-wars.

        If you can both be a bit more respectful, that would be much appreciated. I’ve approved these comments, but I can trash them just as easily. If you guys are going to stick around here – and I hope you do – please ease off the pedal a bit.


        • Point taken. I just want present another side of the story. There are always two sides. People always like to exaggerate in these matters.

          If you come down hard on all parties that make such overtly inflammatory comments then i will gladly tone down my comments accordingly and stick to the facts. Please be aware that i dont post in xbox or playstation sections of this site to rubbish other consoles. I merely defend my console of choicen against what i believe are unjust and factually incorrect comments.

          if you wish to debate my comments i welcome it, i believe i what i said has alot of merit and i stand by them, however i agree i could lose the fanboy talk. I have taken note.

  • I’m hoping game devs will support it though, mainly because your friends can bring their controllers over for a game.

  • So the Wii was the console that brought family gaming into focus. The Wii-U is a cOnsole that only allows one at a time. Or at least that what it sounds like to me

  • I hope that the press rip Nintendo a new one over this, launching a new console that revolves around the controller and then saying “sorry its new for 1 person, the 3 others have to stick to crappy Wiimote+WiiMotionPlus+Nunchuck/Classic Controller…”

  • Oh. Hm. This is kind of disappointing. I was looking forward to buying a Wii U to play the new Super Smash Brothers (they are making one) with my brother. Looks like that’s off the cards. Pity.

    Maybe in the future they’ll make a cheapo secondary controller (without the screen) to go along with the WiiU.

    This is not a smart move – Nintendo is supposed to be family friendly and what do all those Wii ads show? Families playing together. With this, they can’t. I wonder if they’ll be ballsy enough to admit that upfront: “new feature! You can’t play with your friends or family in the same room!”

  • The only reason I was even looking at this was to play whatever incarnation of Mario Kart locally with my wife, bro and his gf.

    Though if Nintendo are actively discouraging multiple local controllers… we might just stick with the brutally imperfect Wii Mario Kart.

  • Of course if you put a 6 inch screen into a controller, it’s not going to be cheap, but earlier reports suggested that these controllers wouldn’t be sold in stores altogether.

    There are accidents all the time and Little Jimmy at one point is going to break this, cracked screen or something. It’s not going to be covered under warranty, so you are going to have to BUY a replacement anyway, so you are going to be shelling out the cash anyway.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this decision is one of the worst I have ever heard of in gaming, by all means it’s not likely to be the death of the console, but at least give the consumer the option of purchasing another controller.

    Super Mario Bros on the NES gave us alternate 2 player gaming, each person was able to use their own controller, it just seems illogical to restrict the “good” controller to a single person, 4 players would obviously be best outcome, but at the very minimum 2 players is basically industry standard.

  • This is pretty ridiculous when you think about the fact that Wii U controller will have no gameplay benefits for the vast majority of multiplayer games.

  • This is actually really lame. No local multiplayer? No co-op or competetive games locally? Wii has garbage online, all multiplayer games are played locally.

    I can’t see the shovelware market coping well with this, or Mario Party being any good because of it. It’s just a Wii with better graphics and costs heaps more.

    What will happen because of this, is like the Wii, 80% of games made will be shovelware, and most of them won’t support the Wii U controller because you can’t do multiplayer with it.

    This is a really bad design choice and a bad idea for Nintendo. I can’t see the console doing nearly as well as the Wii for this sole reason, it’s a HUGE deal.


    • No one said no local multiplayer. It actually supports 5 person Local Multiplayer. Thats 4 standard controllers/Wiimotes Nunchucks + 1 Wii U controller. You get a better deal right there

      Online has yet to be shown but every indication is that it will be something similar to ps3, lets wait till the announcements are made closer to launch.

      lets quit with price speculation, but understand the Wii U isnt using Cutting edge tech. Having a price comparable to the ps3 on launch is unlikely knowing Nintendos history. A price of between $300-$400 seems the spot. We can make judgement when we know more.

      Yes i agree the original Wii suffered from more shovelware then one would like. It suffered from little to no real third party support. But if the titles announced for the Wii U are any indication things are brighter for Nintendos latest console.

      I think the console will do extremely well, and if developers can get compelling software the showcases the uniqueness of the system and controller it should have no problem in emulating the success of its predeccessor. If the third party support is there the Wii U will indeed have a bright future.

      I’ll leave on this note. The Wii had pathetic third party support and shovelware, we all agree on that, Yet it sold the most consoles and most software. What if third parties actually made their best software for the Wii U (ports + unique), you know the stuff that used to be only for 360 or ps3.
      Think about it.

  • I don’t like WiiMotes.

    Nintendo appears to going through some kind of break down, I’ve pretty much lost interest in them.

  • My prediction is that for launch and at least some months afterwards, games will focus on single-player with tablet controller (for example, zelda and metroid type games), and multiplayer games that use wiimotes/nunchucks and/or classic controllers by default with one extra player using the tablet. Then, when people get bored and sales start to slow, there’ll be an increase in multi-tablet games.
    Nintendo have made it clear that it’s technically possible, and by my reckoning they will use it to their advantage later. They’re just trying to minimize costs at launch, and wait until people have forgotten about their initial purchase before asking them to shell out again.

    I’ll even bet that Super Smash Bros for the Wii U will support 2 or even 4 tablet controllers, as well as any other mix of wiimote/nunchuck/classic controller combo.

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